Credit: Pokéworks

Pokéworks is the perfect example of what we should be divulging and enjoying now that the warmer weather is here.  For anyone who is looking to keep their upcoming summer bodies looking good, this location is amazing in so many different capacities.  Bold and robust flavors are in each of their burritos, bowls and more, and they have much to celebrate as they just opened their newest spot in the heart of Union Square!

The new spot is located on East 15th Street between 5th and 6th, which is still in its baby phases as it has been up for about two weeks now.  That being said, this place needs to be seen and for people to be buzzing about it as it is truly the first place that I have been to that can blend a ton of different flavor profiles and blend so well together all at the same time!

Credit: Pokéworks

Pokéworks prides itself on Poké (a traditional Hawaiian dish where chunks of tuna are marinated in soy and sesame) being the base for most of their dishes, with other tasty items building off of the Hawaiian based dish.

You have the option of either choosing from one of their pre-determined options in a bowl, salad or burrito form (the burrito being rolled sushi style, OMG), or going rogue and making it “your way”.  I did the former option, as I wanted to truly wanted to do it my way and see how what I chose turned out.  Boy was I glad I did it this way.

Here was everything they put into one bowl- white rice as the base, shrimp and scallops, jalapenos, diced mangoes, edamame, fresh jalapenos, sweet onion, avocado, crab salad, sesame seeds, soy sauce, and some sriracha aioli.  Guess what?  It was amazing and every single bite that I tasted was incredibly fresh and out of this world tasty!  This is a no brainer in terms of why I would go back as you really get a great bang for your buck.

In conjunction with the openings, the brand also announced a new collaboration with Hawaii-based chef Sheldon Simeon welcoming the first Sustainable Series menu offering: the Coco Bora bowl.

Credit: Pokéworks

Inspired by Sheldon’s Filipino background and Pokéworks dedication to offering underutilized sustainable fish varieties, Bora (a light and mild white fish) is mixed with ginger, red onions, Thai chili, a Kinilaw sauce (coconut vinegar, coconut milk, black pepper, lime juice), and more.

I highly recommend Pokéworks if fresh is the name of your game and you are looking for some pep in your step from the bland fast-casual places we have all over Manhattan.

For more information on Pokéworks, check out their official site.


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