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Street Taco
Credit: LFB Media Group

I am never one to turn down a taco, no matter what kind of diet I am on or mood I’m in (insert as many taco emojis as possible here).  So naturally, I was super excited to see that a new location dedicated to my love of this Mexican jewel of a cuisine, Street Taco, just opened in the heart of Gramercy on the corner of 26th Street and 3rd Avenue.  Street Taco has a pretty simple concept- bomb ass tacos, drinks, flautas, desserts and more in an incredibly artistic setting that will leave you inspired and full in the best way possible.

Donna Margherita
Credit: Karen Carzo

Donna Margherita is one of those classic examples of what Italian food is truly a gift for our mouths.  With its recent opening on 2nd Avenue between 68th and 69th Street, conveniently off the brand new Q subway line, this location has a ton of promise when it comes to its execution of some of the best Italian food I have ever had, not only for Manhattan Digest, but in my entire life.

Cry Havoc
Courtesy of Polk PR

Solo shows are a dime a dozen; the cost effective genre is staged in levels ranging from the prestigious big leagues of Broadway to modest community theaters in small towns around the world. While I have the utmost respect for actors who tackle the form, I have left many of them wishing for either a better performance, a more compelling narrative, or a bit more detail about the person’s life and the events that have shaped it.

Boston Market
Credit: Boston Market

Who doesn’t crave some rotisserie chicken every once in a while?  I certainly do (then again, I’m always craving some sort of food), and Boston Market has always been at the top of the game when it comes to this hearty type of food we have all come to love in our lives.  With a couple of locations sprawled throughout Manhattan, Boston Market is proud to introduce two amazing new types of rotisserie chicken for you to enjoy in any setting, albeit outdoors in this gorgeous weather we are having or chilling with your friends while watching the game.

Credit: Cutting Room

Unless you are living under a rock or have no good taste in music, then you know who The Beatles are.  Long considered one of (if not the greatest) band of all time, it is good when we get to see them in today’s society in any sort of capacity.  The Cutting Room, one of the best concert venues in Manhattan for many years now, will be hosting an incredible one night theatrical tribute to this legendary band, coming up on April 30th!

Credit: Pokéworks

Pokéworks is the perfect example of what we should be divulging and enjoying now that the warmer weather is here.  For anyone who is looking to keep their upcoming summer bodies looking good, this location is amazing in so many different capacities.  Bold and robust flavors are in each of their burritos, bowls and more, and they have much to celebrate as they just opened their newest spot in the heart of Union Square!

Credit: Ryan Leeds

From an early age, we’re taught that playing with our food is socially impolite. Fortunately for cosmopolitan diners, Chef Toshio Suzuki didn’t heed that advice. Suzuki is best known for his long time stint at Sushi Zen. The beloved midtown hot spot attracted business clientele, pre-theater diners, and celebrities alike and-in novelty form-was one of the few establishments to prepare and serve “fugu,” a potentially lethal puffer-fish that could put you in a body bag if prepared improperly.

Rainbow Room
Credit: Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room has got to be one of the most iconic locations I have ever been to in the city of Manhattan.  It’s sort of hard to figure out where to begin just to describe how beautiful and elegant this space is, as the minute the elevator doors opened on the 65th floor inside Rockefeller Center left me and my friend completely speechless.  I took my friend there this past Sunday just to experience how incredibly awesome it truly was, and was left feeling so many emotions but most of all the feeling that we just experienced something that is truly special.

Credit: Zeel

Who doesn’t love a massage, especially with how incredibly stressed out we are here in a city like Manhattan?  Why not get an amazing one delivered to your door?  Let me introduce Zeel, an amazing app that does all of this for you in a click of a couple of buttons!

Sally Field
Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

Apparently, Broadway audiences can’t get enough of the Wingfield family and their gentleman caller, Jim O’Connor (Finn Witrock). Over the years, numerous actors have portrayed the role of Amanda Wingfield: Julie Harris, Jessica Tandy, Jessica Lange, and more recently, Cherry Jones in the 2013 revival.