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Credit: iPic Theaters

iPic Theaters wants to give you the movie going pleasure of Beyonce’s song and legitimately Upgrade U. With the ever present popularity of streaming movies and staying home, it is hard to find a reason to head to the actual theaters for the latest films you are dying to see.  iPic gives you so many reasons to get off your butt and head down to their South Street Seaport location that go beyond the basic semi-comfortable chair and burnt popcorn experience.  I stopped by there with a friend on Saturday and was truly enchanted by it all.

Credit: Tuck Room

What do art, amazing cocktails, scrumptious doughnuts,  a DJ spinning some tunes on vintage vinyl, comfort food, and Breaking Bad have in common? The Tuck Room.

Migguel Anggelo
Photo by Mau Quiros

“Shy” is not an adjective one would use to describe Migguel Anggelo.  The Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, dancer, and performer is an animated, fireball of positive charm whose sincere concern for the world and love of music is expressed through nearly every word he speaks. His vibe is so infectious that he’s attracted the attention of famous celebrities, as well as Tony winning costume designer, Clint Ramos. Ramos saw one of Anggelo’s shows years ago and insisted on creating lavish pieces for him.

Kola House
Credit: Kola House

Smooth and sophistication are just two works that describe the Meatpacking District to a tee, and the restaurants within them are what add to this sweet ambiance that make this part of the city simply fab.  Kola House, located on West 15th Street between 9th and 10th avenue, is included in all of those fun adjectives and is one of the best places to head to this coming summer.  I stopped by there Friday night for a taste of what they had to offer, and here is why you should as well.

Bartender Seth Allen of The Late Late in Manhattan.

Cognac is a very sophisticated spirit that many indulge in when they want to feel sexy. With a growing popularity across all cultures, it would only make sense to have to have a whole week dedicated to this cultivated brandy and it kicks off May 22nd.

Upper West Side
Credit: Taste of the Upper West Side

Truth be told, if I had to choose my favorite part of Manhattan for food, it would be the Upper West Side.  So many of my reviews here on Manhattan Digest have been in this neck of the woods, and when there is a time of year to celebrate how amazing it is, you know darn well that I’ll be there.  This weekend is the 10th Annual Taste of the Upper West Side, which is a fabulous two-night culinary celebration featuring more than 85 restaurants and fantastic celebrity talent!  Yippee!

Sushi Seki
Credit: Sushi Seki

Last night, one of our favorite sushi spots in Manhattan celebrated in a big way with a delicious tasting of wine, sake, cocktails and more.  Sushi Seki, located in the heart of Times Square on 46th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue, hosted the tasting in honor of their placement in “Wine & Spirits Magazine-NYC 50”! 

Fogo de Chão
Credit: Fogo de Chao

Fogo de Chão is one of the few times I will ever write about a “chain” type of restaurant for Manhattan Digest as I tend to prefer local spots as it’s what makes this city so darn special.  Even though they have multiple locations across the United States, Fogo de Chão only has one here in Manhattan in Midtown East at 40 West 53rd Street.  Known as the king of Brazilian Steakhouses, this location is one that I will surely remember for quite sometime in many different capacities.  


Adaptations of films into musical stage versions continue to be the usual trend for contemporary theatre these days.  In many cases, I’m left questioning the necessity. (This season’s Groundhog Day instantly comes to mind.)   Other movies however, naturally lend themselves to song and dance. Such is the case with Anastasia, the splashy, big-hearted old fashioned musical which recently opened on Broadway. While Terrence McNally’s book doesn’t adhere religiously to the the 1997 animated film or to the original 1956 film, program notes state that it was “inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox Motion Pictures.” These sources have served the creative team quite well.

Justin Russo
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 20: Justin Russo attends Logo TV Fire Island Premiere Party at Atlas Social Club on April 20, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images for VH1 & Logo Communications)

For as fun and frolicky as LOGO’s show “Fire Island” has been so far, it is good to see that they are weighing out the lighthearted material with some serious issues in hopes that many others can relate to the cast members personal struggles.  On last night’s new episode, one of its prime cast members Justin Russo opens up to his friend Khasan Brailsford about his own issues in his life which lead to an attempted suicide.