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Social Media
Credit: Lisa Richov

There is a hefty white notepad situated on top of my nightstand that has ‘rested’ there since the day I moved in.  Across the top, I’ve penned the words The Power of Social Media for Restaurants. For others, this notepad may serve as a passing interest; for me, it has become a journal of my extensive learning’s about a world driven by online content.

Credit: Benvenuti PR

I am not the biggest fan of the East Village, in particular Alphabet City as it is such a long trek from where I live in Harlem.  However, there are exceptions if what I am going to is worth the trip and then some.  Esperanto, located on Avenue C between East 9th and East 10th Street, is one of those rare exceptions as it brings a ton of color and flavor to this particular area that is definitely a place to go to now and when the warmer weather hits!  Here’s why.

Credit: Diyva Kitchen Official Site

Ayurvedic needs to be a new word in your vocabulary, just like it’s a new word in mine. Ayurvedic (or Ayurveda) refers to the holistic way of eating by focusing on your body type and eating based on your body needs.

Dos Toros
Credit: Dos Toros

Dos Toros is going to be doing something pretty special next week, as it celebrates the opening of its 13th location on March 7th with a kitchen element they have never used before!  Located in Flatiron at 688 6th Avenue, the new spot will contain the brand’s first-ever test kitchen!  Not only that, but they will also have another amazing incentive to bring all of this good news that will leave you feeling quite happy and satisfied!

Credit: Try The World

In Manhattan, we can get pretty spoiled in terms of the types of cuisines that are out there.  We truly have everything!  However, there are times where you want to bring those culinary inspirations home, but don’t know how to even begin in the process.  Luckily, there is a service out there right now that can do this for you on a monthly basis.  Let me introduce you to Try The World!

Cafe Medi
Credit: Cafe Medi

CAFÉ MEDI is an amazing example of what makes The Lower East Side so great and special.  Serving fresh and seasonal contemporary Coastal Mediterranean cuisine, this colorful location spotlights not only food but decor, spaciousness and so much more that has made it one of our favorites we have reviewed in 2017 so far.  I took a friend there last night to experience it all, and have this to report back on.

Credit: Cocoa V

Pamela Elizabeth has been an ethical vegan for 21 years.  She believes that awareness of the environment and animals is key to her successful entrepreneurship.  Since 2005, when she opened the first of 8 restaurants that cater to the mindful vegan looking for a great meal, Pamela has poured her heart and soul into her businesses.

Maxwells Chophouse, Maxwell's Chophouse
Credit: Maxwell's Chophouse

Maxwell’s Chophouse, located right outside Penn Station on Broadway between 28th and 29th Street, has recently opened its doors to become a great new neighbor in a bustling & fun area of Manhattan.  I stopped by there with a friend last night to experience this fabulous new hotspot and why you should make a reservation as soon as possible.

Da Marcella, Brunch
Credit: Da Marcella

Brunch is to Manhattan what Peanut Butter is to Jelly, what Bruno Mars is to a good song and what Seinfeld is to the 90’s.  It just fits!  Manhattanites flock anytime a new brunch menu is out, and one of our favorite West Village spots Da Marcella has finally joined in on this ever popular weekend extravaganza by launching its own version for the first time ever!


Alright, so was it just me or did everyone at the Oscars look like they did their own hair and makeup themselves this year? Ironically that might make the rest of us common folk feel better. If this is some kind of new motivational movement where “You are enough,” then great, keep it up. If this is not a “thing,” then stop hiring people off Instagram to do your hair and makeup. I have no idea what I was really expecting this season, but this wasn’t it. It ain’t cute; it was a little disappointing actually.