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Online Dating

Online dating is fun, but this fun can quickly disappear if there is no reward, positive feedback or any form of success. The unwritten ‘rules’ of online dating can be completed, let alone unwritten! However, you can perfect your ways to make your dating game more successful and we show you 7 ways to improve this.

Kirsh, Kirsh NYC
Credit: Kirsh Bakery & Kitchn

Kirsh Bakery & Kitchen is a great example of why I love the Upper West Side so freaking much.  Each location that I go to in this area is moderate in size, but packs a ton of punch and flavor in each of its dish to make you feel like you are getting a standing ovation from your taste buds in each bite you try.  This past Saturday night, I took a friend to Kirsh to see what all the fuss is about and was quite pleased with the end results.

Andrew Zimmern
Credit: Matt Belvedere

New York City is an ever changing landscape. Finding unique spaces that embrace tradition, time and classic flavors is becoming more and more difficult as our neighborhoods disappear. This past Wednesday evening, myself and a group of fellow writers and food enthusiasts were taken on a journey by Chef, Writer, Television Host, and Global Ambassador of Renaissance Hotels Andrew Zimmern. The evening was created to encourage business travelers to experience “5 to 9” with as much vigor as they approach their “9 to 5″.  Titled “An Unusual Business Dinner”, this was an exciting & unpretentious foray into what is to come for their “Global Day of Discovery” in May.

New York City Mission Society
Credit: Annie Watt

This past Wednesday, more than 340 people attended (myself included) the New York City Mission Society’s annual Champions for Children Gala, raising a half million dollars to help youth and families in the city’s most underserved communities break the cycle of poverty and achieve success.  This incredible event took place at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental in Columbus Circle, honored entrepreneur Don Peebles and legendary actress Diahann Carroll for their amazing work with this organization.

Piggies by Seunghwui Koo. Credit: Jessica Klein.

Though emojis are becoming an increasingly integral part of our text vocabulary, I feel cheated whenever they take up a correspondingly significant portion of an art show. At the Affordable Art Fair in Chelsea, where prices ranged from $100 to $10,000 a piece, emojis winked at attendees from around every corner, dangling in the form of beads on clear strings (by Natasja Van Der Meer) and hanging as shiny, metallic fixtures from the walls.

The Anthony, Anthony
Credit: Noah Fecks

The Anthony is a welcomed new neighbor in one of my favorite parts of Manhattan- Greenwich Village.  Located on the ever so popular Bleecker Street in between MacDougal and Sullivan, this four month old location brings an element of sophistication and relaxation matched with some of the best food I have ever tried in my four years at Manhattan Digest.  Here’s why.

National Pretzel Day
Credit: Auntie Anne's Pretzels

National Pretzel Day is the perfect day to celebrate one of my all time favorite snacks in the world!  Happening on April 26th, it is the one day to give yourself an easy excuse to enjoy its buttery and doughy realness with no apologies.  Auntie Anne’s is the king & queen of all things pretzels, and is planning on doing something super big to celebrate the day… and maybe more?  Maybe free pretzels? Say WHAT!

Angry Young Man
Photo by David Rodgers

I wish that I were able to fully explain the plot of Angry Young Man, the British import that has arrived on American soil at New York’s Urban Stages. This is, by no means, a slam against playwright Ben Woolf. Nor it is a criticism of director Stephen Hamilton, who conducts this incredibly nimble cast like a precisely engineered Swiss watch.  The dilemma lies primarily with the construct of the show.

Point Honors
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 03: Point Scholars attend the Point Honors Gala at The Plaza Hotel on April 3, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Point Foundation)

It is always good to see LGBTQ people be honored for their leadership and courage, and last night was no exception as The Plaza played host to the annual Point Honors Gala.  The evening’s honorees are two major people in the entertainment game: Orange is the New Black star Uzo Aduba and Academy Award Winner Dustin Lance Black, who wrote the phenomenal film “Milk” as well as the recent ABC miniseries “When We Rise”.

The Ainsworth
Credit: The Ainsworth

Who doesn’t love brunch in Manhattan?  Seriously you need to be studied or shipped off somewhere where delicious food is nowhere to be found if this is the case.  It’s everywhere here!  The key is to find the good ones!  I definitely found one this past Sunday at The Ainsworth, located in Chelsea on 26th Street between 6th and 7th Avenue.  The key to this meal is one word: hearty.  Tastefully hearty.  Here’s why.