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Credit: NIX

The biggest day of love is just around the corner, where in one week millions of people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day!  February 14th will be a jam packed day in Manhattan, as a bunch of great restaurants will be serving up a ton of love in each dish they present.  We here have found a bunch that St. Valentine would love for you to enjoy and then some!

Tapas Bar, La Sirena
Credit: Xavier Girard Lachine

World renowned chef Mario Batali knows a thing or two about having a successful restaurant in Manhattan.  On the heels of one of those amazing locations, La Sirena, now comes his latest creation called Tapas Bar.   Tapas Bar, which opened last month, expertly takes the idea of what Tapas is, and accelerates it to its maximum potential.  I took a friend there this past weekend to his newest location, located inside the gorgeous Maritime Hotel, to experience it all.

Bella Luna
Credit: Bella Luna

Don’t fix what isn’t broken, is a motto to live by and Bella Luna in the Upper West Side is doing exactly that. Bella Luna has been serving this neighborhood for 30 years. Up until 6 months ago they closed to relocate to a different space not too far from the original. Relaunching about a week and a half ago you can tell that they were truly missed by the neighborhood.

Bruce Beckham
Credit: Robert Dickinson

Ten years ago, we saw Britney Spears have her epic meltdown, the iPhone make its debut and an incredibly handsome guy named Bruce Beckham enter our television and computer screens in quite the impressive way.  Bruce’s chiseled good looks and persona made him easy on the eyes in more ways than one, and after hanging in the industry for a bit, he decided to leave it and pursue other ventures.  Now, he’s back and better than ever, but the question remains, why did he leave in the first place?

milk and honey
Cast of MILK AND HONEY. Photo by Ben Strothmann.

Imagine a country full of refugees who feel disenfranchised in this new land they wish to call “home.”  The sentence reads like a current headline from a United States newspaper but in fact, it refers to Israel in the early 1960s.

Valentine's Day, Valentines Day

Boxes of chocolate, flowers and lingerie.  If those three words are in the same sentence, chances are that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Not that we don’t appreciate the holiday, yet it may be time for couples to actually consider their mates interest for a gift.

Italian Restaurants
Credit: Obica Mozzarella Bar

Hands tied to our back, Italian cuisine is probably our favorite to enjoy out of all that are here in Manhattan (and of course, there are a TON)!  That being said, we have experienced quite a lot of Italian restaurants over the course of the past four years, that have left our bellies filled and our faces happy from the experience.  With all of the Italian restaurants we have tried, which ones were our favorites?

Credit: Lure Group

Super Bowl LI is only a couple of days away, and now more than ever is your chance to find the best viewing parties for you and your friends to have a blast at!  We have located three that we think you should definitely check out to enjoy it all this coming Sunday!

Eats on Lex

Eats on Lex, located on Lexington Avenue between 75th and 74th Street, is a great example of a fun, friendly and relaxing environment in the heart of the Upper East Side.  With its American Bistro type vibe throughout, Eats on Lex excels in the execution of its look as well as its tasty food options from start to finish.  I got to experience it last night and was impressed by all of it and then some.

Manhattan Digest, Fundraiser, Manhattan Digest Fundraiser
Credit to: Steve Alb

Manhattan Digest is throwing its third huge fundraiser next Friday night!  All the action will take place at one of our favorite locations, Gym Sportsbar in Chelsea, with the option to bid on over twenty amazing prizes for a good cause!