Credit to: Daniel DeMello Public Relations



It’s kinky. It’s sexual. It’s friendly. It’s loud. It’s a celebration.

As I reminded my friends, The Black Party is not only the Grand Daddy of all Circuit Parties, it’s a Rite of Passage. Like Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, the famous orchestral-ballet work about the pagan celebration of spring, RITES XXXIV is the one time of the year where men across NYC and the globe come together, tap into their raw roots, and celebrate.

Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, a leather-loving daddy or a dancing twink, for 15 hours the Black Party transports you to “Luna Park”, where the world is your stage.

As I find it difficult to describe or review the Black Party without personally experiencing it, a run down from a “tribe” view to RITES XXXIV seems most fitting:

11:00pm: The Final Preparation
The men of the this tribe gather in HK to begin preparations. One see’s the fastening harness belts, the smear of black face paint, the tightening of leather straps.

1:30am: The Migration
At the right moment of the night, the pack departs to the Roseland Ballroom. Excitement. Anxiety. Lustiness. A range of emotions starts begin to fire through each of the men as they wait in the line.

2:30am: The Wait
“Coat Check”……

3:00am: The Ritual Begins
Industrial, heavy beats boom in the back ground. The dark but alluring room invites the tribe to play . As the tribesmen enter, they are awe, amazed, and speechless as if they we’re 6 year old toddlers entering the magical world of Disney for the first time.

3:30am: Marking of the Territory
Finding the right space is crucial amongst the crowded land. The place where the men can dance to the intoxicating beats. The space where the men can gaze and size up the neighboring tribes.

4:30am: The Disperse
A moment comes when the men must separate from the pack, explore and seek adventure. Whether it is an excursion to the dark 2nd floor, getting adopted by another tribe, or becoming a ritual dancer on the sacrificial box.

5:30am: The Coming
The main ritual begins on stage. The Saints At Large delivers and proves why they are Gods.

6:30am: The Celebration.
The whole world explodes in celebration. Grab a chest or harness, and dance…

8:00am: The Mating Ritual
A secret ceremony…

10:00am: The Departure
The sun has risen and spring has come. Time to travel back home and dream about RITES XXXV.