Credit to: JJ Mack Photography
Credit to: JJ Mack Photography

“I don’t know what to make of this party. It’s really different!”

Different crowd, different music, different space and somewhat off-the-beaten-path. Simply, a good-ole fun time. That, in a nutshell, describes the experience of Rich Morel & Bob Mould’s Blowoff Party, hosted at the Highline Ballroom this past Friday night. Though based in D.C., the party has become a hit across the country and now travels to NYC, Chicago, and Provincetown multiple times throughout the year.

At a glance, the party can be described as a “gay bear funk dance party.” But as the crowd poured into the moderate but perfectly-sized venue, a wide range of men quickly filled the dance floor. From scruffy older bears to circuit muscle queens, Blowoff is successful in what few parties are able to achieve: to bring together a diverse group of men in a non-attitude atmosphere, dancing shirtless to a quirky yet addictive mix of house, indie, and electronic music.

Swinging by NYC every 2-3 months, Blowoff offers that remedy when you’re in the mood to do something different. Whether that’s to meet a different crowd of people, dance to different kind of beat, or to simply just to get hell out of Hell’s Kitchen.