Interview DJ Alexander


I first caught notice of DJ/Producer Alexander during one of his sessions at VIVA Saturdays this past summer. His addictive mix of house vocal and tribal beats had me moving from the dance to the gym floor. His 2K13 mix of ‘Everyday’ really put me and friends through it, and is the perfect display of Alexander’s talent.

It should be no surprise then when the Cuban born beat master was name resident dj at VIVA this past year, adding to his already impressive resume with residency at Reflex/LA, Evolution/SF, and headlining major global festivals such as White Party Palm Springs, Bangkok’s Song Kran, Matinee Las Vegas, Masterbeat Los Angeles, and Winter Party Miami.

I was able to catch up with DJ Alexander this past Saturday before his showing at VIVA.

How old were you when you wanted to become a DJ?

I think I had it in me since I was a child, lol.  I used to be the one in charge of playing music at the family parties.  If there was a party, I’d be the one on the stereo, changing the record or cassette for that matter in those days.  It was around 16 when I set foot inside the world famous Arena nightclub in Hollywood that I was fascinated with the whole dj thing.  At 19 I decided to take a crack at it and the rest is history.

You’ve been DJ’ing for a number of years now to get to this level of success. What was the process like? What was your big breakout moment?

It’s been a long process.  I definitely can say I’ve earned my stripes in this business.  It’s been 18 years of spinning just about every gay venue in Southern California and opening for the likes of the late Peter Rauhofer, Tony Moran, Victor Calderone, Junior Vasquez, Tracy Young, Paulo, Manny Lehman, David Knapp and the list goes on and on.  My first breakout moment would have to be the launch of Reload, my first circuit/afterhours residency in 2004.

Now that you are Resident DJ about bout VIVA in NYC, Reflex in LA and Evolution in San Francisco, how does the crowd compare to each other in your opinion?

To me all the crowds I spin for are the same. They all want an amazing night!

How would you describe your style?

Sexy, Latin infused, Progressive, Tribal House

“Everyday” by the club queen Kim English was a hit in the Early 2000’s and has been covered by multiple DJ’s. What made you pick up this track?

Anybody that has been following me since those early years knows that “Everyday” by the amazing Kim English has always been one of my staples.  I played that record to death.  It is a song that everyone seems to have a connection with.  I thought it was time for a new mix of it and I’m really glad I did it.  Even though it was unreleased it got great support from many dj’s and for that I’m grateful everyday 😉

What event has been your favorite to spin at?

I’d have to say Jurassic Park in Hawaii.  A circuit party in 2011 that I had the pleasure of opening for the late Peter Rauhofer and Stephan Grondin.  I have never seen a venue set up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and beaches.  Words cannot explain the actual venue.  It was magical.

What are you current favorite tracks?

Escape & Coluccio’s mix of “Higher” with the incredible Deborah Cox feat. Paige.  Can’t really think of anything I like as much as this mix right now.

What’s your resolution for 2014?

Produce tons of new music =)

* Wanna check out more of DJ Alexander? He will be headlining at Masterbeat annaual free event: Free #7 at the Mayan Theater in LA on January 19th:

*You can also catch DJ Alexander latest sounds at: