Turtleneck Bra
Credit: True & Co

The greatest fashion battle of winter is looking hot in the freezing cold. It definitely seems impossible to look great when we’re more worried about frostbite than what to wear. However, a bizarre, and questionable to some, new piece of lingerie has made its way onto the racks of True & Co. The turtleneck bra!

Lingerie won’t keep us warm, but it’s the perfect confidence boost for days we have to go out looking like a marshmallow. Sometimes, what other can’t see still makes us feel good. And that is the point of lingerie. Turtleneck bras are best worn under a turtleneck shirt or sweater. Or, they can be worn with a top that has the same halter line as the bra, accenting your outfit with the lace collar as a necklace alternative. Although, this may not be appropriate for your place of work. Not every dress code allows for a hint of sexy in employee attire. However, a night out with a friend, or even on a date, the collar would be perfectly fine.

Also, with Valentine’s Day coming up quick on us, there are certainly opportunities to show it all off. This year it’s definitely time to switch out your yearly go- to piece for something different. Every one of us has already purchased the red lacey push up for past dates, so this unique bra will be a refreshing change. Your valentine likely has yet to see a turtleneck bra and would be pleasantly surprised, too. The lace holds the delicate and feminine style, but the unusual neckline grabs all the attention. The halter line topped with a simple collar adds elegance that most bras don’t have.

Initially I laughed at the turtleneck bra. I mean, it definitely does strike as bizarre at a first look. It doesn’t actually keep you warm, nor is it really ideal for everyday wear. But it’s winter themed lingerie, and seasonally styled clothes are fun at the very least. We all leap for reindeer socks around Christmas and everything covered in hearts for Valentine’s Day. So change up your holiday style and debut something sexy and elegant rather than our heart spotted panties from years ago. And even if a turtleneck bra isn’t for you, there’s something out of the ordinary worth trying.


  1. Never saw this before. I have to check it out in the stores. May be worth a try!

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