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Bear Week 2014- Finally Popping That Cherry…

I’ll be the first one to admit it- I can be a bit judgey (is there even a correct spelling for that word?) when it comes to the bear community.  I know I wasn’t really like that when I came into it roughly 6 years ago, but over that time my thought process on it has changed drastically and for the most part has left me with a negative viewpoint on it and not so much a positive one.  Throughout all my blogging that I have done about living in the gay world for the past year, my friends have consistently said to me that even though my articles can be thought provoking and spark a conversation, they always seem to have a negative thought process and don’t point out the good things that happen in the gay world.

Something that I always shit on for the past couple of years has been bear events.  Noticeably TBRU (Texas Bear Round Up), Bear Pride in Chicago and the creme de la creme of them all, Bear Week in Provincetown.  As someone that has gone to smaller events in the past, they have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth for personal reasons.  I went to several when I was in and out of college in Rhode Island and I think the reason why I felt a bit left out and not in the “in” crowd was that those parties were more designed for the chub/chaser community and I was in between.  I guess my viewpoint after I left my last bear event roughly two years ago was that many were like that, but it also came down to my deep insecurity that I have felt over the years since entering in this community.

I have often written in my previous posts about the trials and tribulations that I have dealt with in this community, from the physical (too much weight, too little weight, body hair) to the mental (gossiping, cliques) and everything in between.  It has hardened me for sure to a point where I have a hard time remembering the guy I used to be which was friendly, outgoing and generally happy for the most part.  Luckily, over the past couple couple year or so I have come in contact with so many authentic & amazing gay friends who have championed me getting to be the guy that I used to be.  They have done well in making me realize that not all gay men are bad and that if you need to talk to someone that they will be there for you.  I have the utmost gratitude towards them for changing my attitude in all of this.

So when all this Bear Week talk came around again, I originally scoffed at the idea due to it being way outside my budget for the most part.  Then a couple of weeks ago my friend was nice enough to get me a room at his place at an affordable rate and really went out of his way to make me feel comfortable with going.  Obviously the reason why I’m going to Bear Week isn’t because of finance at all, it is more about starting over and coming into my own again.  NOt letting a ton of shit that has brought me down in the past affect my future, and really enjoying this experience authentically and for myself to grow in the process.  Also the friendships that I will make, and naturally the hot guys that I will meet (I mean this is a self improvement article but I gotta be honest about everything okayyyyyyy?)  I am definitely excited to pop my Bear Week cherry and enjoy what will happen in the beautiful Provincetown in mid-July.

Who else is going to Bear Week for the first time?  What should I expect?

Haven’t booked yet or want to learn more?  Log on to the official site for more details!


  1. DeneyTerriosHair

    I’ll take the ginger on the left and the silver fox in the back, please!

  2. I’m also going for the first time! Can’t wait.

  3. you should avoid it for years more

  4. It’s gotten a bit big and obnoxious. And the costs have gone way up. But it’s still fun!

  5. No way I could afford it.

  6. The Big & Beautiful community has bellied their way into the community rather than having thier own identity. 4 hairs on a chest and 400 lbs do not make you a bear. I too got burned-out on bear events and the Bruce Vilanch look-a-likes (Bear magazine made him an official bear years ago, ewwww!). I would go since someone went out of their way to get you lodging, be interested to see your response to it. Be safe, their is a mentality that if they stay big the virus won’t make them sick once they’ve caught it.

  7. Well, coming from south africa, I can only be envious for anyone who is going to bearweek, nothing of that sort really happens here and what a pity it is, there’s a lot of bear talent here. I think there are too many interpretations of what a bear is, but its true though, bruce vilanch himself is just too scary. Im not into muscle bears personally, but I’d tolerate them if I was at bear week. So, all in all, what im trying to say is that I think that we should stop categorising these matters and just enjoy what these events really are, perve fests for the unorthodox categories of the gay lifestyle

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