26484-79457Even a year later after his tragic passing, I still sit with a heavy heart when I hear some of Peter’s music.

This is the man that introduced me to house music. This is the man that helped me understand, love, and embrace all the wonders of the tribal beat. The is the man whose music often lift me into a different space, away from the daily grind.

Yet most importantly, this is the man that taught me how to dance.

Peter was a master at creating magic on the dance floor, knowing how to move, energize, and inspire any crowd.

But this all stemmed from his impeccable craftsmanship. There was absolutely no short cuts in his art. His music was never cute, nor poppy, and by no means child’s play. It was distinct, built with purpose, and remarkably addictive. It’s the simple reason why anyone can identify and relate to his music. Whether you experience Peter during The Roxy era or today as a new born circuit queen.

His music was simply that powerful.

He created a new standard. He started movement. He taught us all how to dance again.

Here are my 5 personal favorite mixes from Peter. What are some of yours?

1. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Reconstruction Mix)

2. Kyle Minogue – Timebomb
3. Starkillers – Discoteka
4. Pink – Try
5. Mika – Celebrate