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Bianca Del Rio should win more than any other queen… ever

So another season of RPDR is making it’s way to the finish line where one of the remaining 3 queens will snatch the title of America’s next drag superstar. In my opinion the show peaked in S4 with the best cast any season has had this far, and really hasn’t been as interesting as it used to be since then. This season’s queens for the most part were quite professional and even when they threw shade it looked forced and was just something for the camera (Minus Ms. Lake. Shady Elephant).

Now that we have the final 3 girls- Adore Delano, Courtney Act and Bianca Del Rio, it is semi up to the fans to pick who should win this season overall. Whereas I think Courtney should be switched out for Ben (stupid move on Ru’s part but I guess she will win Miss Congeniality so it’s all good) it is beyond clear cut to me who will and SHOULD win this season. And that is my New York City queen Bianca Del Rio. There are many facets & reasons as to why this is true, and here is why-

Best Of Both Worlds-

When it comes to the overall judging of style and personality, Bianca reigned supreme over the rest. Whereas she only had minor faults fashion wise this season (I didn’t think any of the outfits for the Glitter Ball were gag-worthy) she made up for it loud and proud with her fierce sense of humor, witty persona and the ability to read a bitch but back it up with factual info (Laganja anyone?).

Courtney Act, Manhattan Digest
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The other two really don’t live up to her-

I love Courtney and Adore, they are great on the show and I’ve met both in person and feel the same emotion there. But it’s apples and oranges in my opinion. Courtney is more of a female impersonator and not a drag queen. Nothing she did besides the Broadway challenge really impressed me, and she already is a known singer so that should’ve been an easy one in the first place. She’s this seasons Chad Michaels- great and seasoned but not unique enough to win something like this.

Adore Delano, Manhattan Digest
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Adore really was a huge pain in the ass in the beginning that I thought would’ve went home early due to her immature attitude and inability to do the basics a drag queen is supposed to do like sow & work well in group challenges. Her smartest moves were distancing herself from Laganja and Gia and really excelling where she needed to to get her to the end. At the same time, we’ve seen the campy young queens win the last two years, and it’s getting redundant, so it’s time for a change.

On another level-

I don’t think there has ever been a queen that has had this much smooth sailing (Ben’s term but she had a point) since Raja in S3 or Tyra in S2.  There was never a point where she was at risk to lip sync, and even if she did they wouldn’t have sent her home as she is far superior overall than many of her competitors. The only queen this season that I felt was semi on par with her was Dela but she got stuck in this Minnie Mouse meets Dita Von Teese costumey thing that led to her demise. Darienne’s strong points was her humor, and Trinity was by far the best fashion wise this season but her excuses ruined her, just like Darienne’s inability to hear anything else besides her cockiness and next meal choices (hehe). Bianca never really got deep enough criticism to have to shift anything, and in a way didn’t even need this show to gain publicity as she was already pretty well known. Yet I’m glad she did and represented NYC to the fullest.

Tomorrow night we will see who will be crowned. Who is your choice to win S6? Check out the official site to vote and learn more about the queens. Oh and side note if Sean Morales is reading this- hit me up boo.