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I find a lot to be intriguing about one Colby Keller.  For one, look at him (drool).  Two,  look at his beard (Ryan wants a ride).  Three, his persona, wit and smarts are just downright fucking awesome.  Colby has had an amazing five years with his uber successful blog Big Shoe Diaries which details everything from “I See Penis” pics to sex advice from one mister Colby Keller himself.  So when I heard about his super awesome Indiegogo campaign that he was running in order to take his “Big Shoe Diaries” on the road, I had to interview him about it.

Colby has legit given everything away that he has and is taking his “act” on the road, where he is going across America in a van with a mattress and having sex with a guy in each state.  Canada is somehow included in this (I feel bad that they are always left out, especially with a country that has wonders like Rob Ford & 1 Girl 5 Gays).  He plans on documenting this and sharing it with his millions of fans across the world.  According to the Indiegogo page, what he needs is pretty simple-

A van. Used but in good condition for some heavy mileage.

A mattress for the back of the van to serve as my bed and indoor studio.

A fancy camera, so you can see all the gritty details as clearly as possible.

Gas, food, mobile bandwidth so I can stay fueled and keep the transmissions cumming (oops, I meant coming!!!).

A hotel room in each state so I can take a shower and vary the up the filming locales.

All good things I would need if I was in his shoes.  With having raised close to $32,000 and having a mere $3,000 left for this, I wanted to come in and interview him for Manhattan Digest for many reasons.  For my viewers to get to know him and this campaign more.  For them to hopefully click on the Indiegogo link and pledge at least $10 or more for this awesome campaign.  And of course, for Colby to see what an AWESOME article this is going to turn out and then to make super hot love to me.  A girl can dream.  Below, Colby discusses not only this campaign but also how he has remained relevant in an industry that has a high amount of burnout, his art and what is ultimate hopes are.  Take a look.

Hi Colby! So this indiegogo campaign you have is quite unique. Tell my readers about it.

I’m raising money to buy a van, a mattress and some camera equipment to film videos across the country.

What inspired you to do something like this?

After deciding to leave Baltimore and get rid of my worldly possessions, I thought it would be the perfect time to travel the US and Canada, meet artists and make porn.

You are known by thousands of your fans as a “Porn Star With A Brain”. How do you think you got to establish such a reputation?

I’m quite certain that all porn stars have brains.  We just use them differently and because of social media, some of us have had the opportunity to share even more of our interests outside of the jizz biz with curious fans.  You could just as easily say that social media has allowed the “Porn Fan With A Brain” to engage more creatively with some of the more socially engaged adult models.

Manhattan Digest, Colby Keller, Ryan Shea, Big Shoe Diaries
Credit to: Big Shoe Diaries


So sex with men in all 50 states. Hmmmm. From your porn scenes you have had the likes of twinks, cubs, men of color and daddies just to name a few. Will you keep it that diverse in each state? (including a cub from Long Island? Hehe).

My hope is to provide as much diversity as possible.  Not only do I think we need greater diversity in the types of people having sex from race to ability, but also in terms of locations.  So much of what I see in porn only happens in high end lofts/hotels and clean suburban homes or by contrast, raunchy sex clubs and gay bar bathrooms.

While I’m not opposed to those places as setting, I’d love to commune more with nature and film outside when possible and I’d like to film more in a variety of settings that don’t seem to be so directly class conscious, or at least with a greater diversity of class represented.  I’m not sure what this will look like but I’m thinking about it.  For example, I love watching good amateur porn in middle class homes where you notice details that are ordinarily scrubbed from the narrative of porn by conforming to a high class or low class narrative, mismatched bed sheets, family photos or original art on the walls in the background, etc.  What I mean is that I want diversity in all the elements of storytelling, not just character.

I’ve seen a lot of your art on your Big Shoe Diaries page, can you tell me about your latest one called Pieces of 8?

I had a relationship end that I needed to make sense of.  I invited everyone I knew to respond to a series of eight images that were important to the person I was with.  I also made art in response and ultimately got ride of that work as part of the process of healing and moving on.

Overall how would you describe your art?

I was trained as a painter and have dabble in sculpture but my identity as Colby Keller has also added elements of conceptual art, performance art and video work to my practice. I’m incredibly shy, so this has been a surprise to me, but it’s the only way I have figured out how to reconcile being an artist and a porn performer.

With this campaign, besides the awesome sex what are you hoping to achieve?

I want to meet people, artists, both established and aspiring, musicians and sound artists, amateur pornographers and videographers, photographers and all types of curious people.  I want to see how people live and fuck.  I’m hoping there will be a lot of collaboration and that at the end of my trip there will an array of diverse new work for people to enjoy and feel proud of, that they contributed to something fun and sexy and stimulating.

How do you think you have achieved such longevity in the industry as you have been in it for 10 plus years? 

Two things: I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a lot of wonderful people that have been invested in helping me to succeed.  I try to be as professional as possible and I work hard both on and off the set and I think that has helped me to develop strong relationships where people want to work with me again.

Secondly, and this is open for debate with my fans I’m sure, but I’m not as conventionally attractive as someone might expect for a porn performer.  While I’m certainly blessed with a great deal of body/size privilege, I think my boy next door looks (as opposed to sizzling super model looks I see on set all the time), helped me to realize I have to work hard and not rely on my looks alone.  I think RuPaul, or maybe it’s Michelle Visage, says “stop relying on that body” at lot when providing critical feedback to their contestants.  It’s criticism I think all of us in the porn industry should take to heart as well.  Sex and fantasy involve the body and the mind and porn performers and porn producers would do well to remember that more often.

Anything else Colby related you want to chat about on here? 

Thanks for the opportunity.  I’m super excited to see #ColbyDoesAmerica doing so well in the funding campaign, but we’re not there yet, so head on over to and see if there’s a perk that appeals to you for the project!