The older you get, the more you realize that time really does go by quite quickly.  In Easton Mountain’s case… it has been 15 years that they have been in service and providing the LGBT community with an amazing getaway from the norm with community building at its finest!  With the warm weather kicked into high gear, Easton Mountain is celebrating their 15th anniversary in style with a huge 3 day event coming up this Memorial Day Weekend!

In an event called “Celebrate 15”the weekend will be full of workshops and activities including a day-long outdoor concert and cook out, pool games, a Quincenera-themed cocktail party, outdoor sports & contests and a sit down dinner and presentation on Sunday night.  Sounds like a wonderful time for me.

If you need to brush up on what Easton Mountain is all about, you can check out my original interview that I did months back right here.  I once again sat down with one of the weekend’s leaders Wil Fisher to discuss the anniversary, what is in store for the upcoming weekend and hopes for the members who show up to any of the events.  Take a look.

Wil you must be so excited that this is your 15th anniversary!  Can you believe Easton has been around this long?

It’s an incredible milestone for this organization, and I’m so impressed and proud of the folks who have worked tirelessly to keep Easton alive and well.

Easton Mountain, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Dave Dietz

Do you have a particular fond memory of the past 15 years that has stuck with you?

I’m fairly new on the scene compared to many other Easton folks (I first came to Easton 3-years ago). I definitely have fond memories tho. It’s remarkable to see all the people come through Easton and experience it’s magic. One of my favorite experiences is getting to see countless men come here and for the first time in their lives feel comfortable enough to try drag! Needless to say, our “Glamorama Drag Closet” is a popular feature here..!

What is the one thing you hope each and every individual has gotten out of this?

I hope all people who come to Easton get to experience the power of community. Community offers space for folks to feel safe, celebrated, connected, and loved. That experience can be life-transforming, and it is beautiful to witness.

Manhattan Digest, Easton Mountain

Tell us about your upcoming 15th anniversary celebration, what is in store?

We are going to have an incredible weekend honoring our past, celebrating this milestone occasion, and looking ahead to our future. The weekend will showcase workshops that embody our mission and values at Easton. It will also feature an outdoor concert and cook-out, and a fabulous sit-down banquet with drag hostess Increda- Bubbles, speeches, performances and a dance party to follow!

Anything else you want to add?

Folks can still sign up for this exciting weekend, or just come for the banquet. We are excited to share this celebration with the entire LGBT community!

For more information on Easton Mountain, check out their official site