Credit to: Rick Eberle PR

What happens when you pair a sexy and delicious drink and a sexy and delicious man all together?  You get the fantastic partnership of up and coming alcohol brand SX Liquors, and award winning R&B and hip-hop artist Trey Songz.  The sensual, new line of premium spirits, which launched right here in New York back in 2014, has seen over a 300 percent growth since its inception, partially due to its high profile partnership and delicious tasting drinks available at thousands of savvy drinkers disposals.  Now, going into 2016, SX and Trey have quite a lot planned in stores for their clientele and they are looking to emerge as one of the front runners in the ever so booming alcohol industry.

Per Rick Eberle-  In New York, SX and Trey Songz have commenced a powerful relationship with the Strategic Group, which launched distribution and events at the Dream Hotel, Phd, Marquee, and Avenue. “We have finished the year strongly and have paved the way to a fast start in 2016, we have a very exciting year ahead of us” says David Knight the CEO and Founder of SX.

Credit to: Rick Eberle
Credit to: Rick Eberle

SX has been rapidly expanding since announcing the partnership with Trey Songz on Valentine’s Day this past year. The “S” in SX’s name stands for Sensual while the “X” comes from eXotic, and the drinks and contoured bottles from which they pour are both.  The SX spirits range includes two tequilas, two rums, and two vodkas, all made in Mexico with a variety of barrel aging and infusions giving them a unique and softer taste ideal for the female palette.

With Songz promoting the brand he’s called “very special, sexy, fun, and magical”, the singer came to the forefront in 2005 releasing five albums within the first decade of his career, peaking in the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 Chart, and having 15 solo singles hit the Top 10 of the Hot R&B/Hip-hop chart. As one of the few R&B artists sustaining mainstream status, he’s collaborated with his main inspiration- R. Kelly, along with a slew of other in-demand names from Diddy, Mary J. Blige, and Scarface to Bun B. and Toni Braxton.

SXchachacha (Featured in Songz video“Slow Motion” with over 100 million views), is a 100% blue agave reposado tequila with a hint of honey and the exotic bite of Mexican lemons. The full range was also recently featured in Songz new single video release “About You”.

Currently, SX Liquors has six different types of premium spirits, including SXChachacha, for you to devour.  They have SXCafedoble, a coffee based liquor, SXBlanco, filled with delicious sugar cane, SXNegro, rested in Reposado Oak Casks, SXSamba, rum with a hint of sweet lime & vanilla, and SXMojito, which is self explanatory.  The company is also engaging its core consumers through a fun campaign called #DemandSX where Trey’s fans can go on line and demand SX for their City, State and local stores –

Sounds like it is gonna be a stellar year for both the brand and the artist. For more information, check out their official site.