Winter seems to finally be here, and with the season comes cold weather. And, since the low temps were late this year, a lot of us are completely unprepared for the upcoming months. You’ve got your coat and scarf, the bare minimums for staying warm, but what about your hands? Many people forgo gloves so they can text or scroll through Instagram, putting your hands at risk for dry skin, stiffness, and even frost bite. But you don’t have to choose between using your hands and keeping them warm anymore.

HONNS gloves are stylish, warm, and have touch screen friendly index and thumb fingertips. Each pair is handcrafted, made of lambskin from English tanneries, and curved to mimic the natural shape of hands. They slide on and fit like a glove should, without getting in the way or taking away your fingers’ mobility. And unlike fleece gloves that are warm until they get wet, HONNS gloves are naturally water-resistant.

HONNS come in a variety of colors and patterns, for both men and women. With everything from a simple black or chic crocodile pattern to bright purple and loud prints, there’s a pair for everyone. And, there are two basic styles to fit your preference- open cuff or wool ribbed cuff. The open cuff is great for easy on, easy off, sliding over your hand with a gentle pull and off with a tug at one of the fingers. The wool ribbed cuff is ideal for days when you’ll be a bit more active with your hands. Either way, your hands will be warm, ready to tweet, and looking great.

My Stella HONNS

In my experience with my two pairs of HONNS, I noticed that the open cuff is best for days that I truly want to make a statement. When I wear my Stella HONNS people are constantly asking me about them, and I can daintily tug them off and slide them into my purse. They are great for going in and out of stores on a shopping day, or really any time you want your hands to look absolutely fabulous. Not to mention, my Stellas are easily the most attractive gloves I have, with their elegant, sleek exterior, light ruching where my palm meets my wrist, and HONNS embossed on the side. These are truly every girl’s winter wardrobe staple.

My MaryJane HONNS
My MaryJane HONNS

On days that I plan on using my hands more- whether it be to go out and practice photography or walking the dogs- I love to wear my MaryJane HONNS with the wool ribbed cuff. Once I pull them on, I know they won’t be going anywhere. The ribbed cuff sits perfectly where my hand meets my wrist, and stays snug throughout the day. Even with my two dogs tugging at their leashes, my MaryJanes stay right where they are. Plus, the MaryJane style is fun and pretty at the same time. They have the same sleek exterior as all HONNS do, but they also have a delicate, ever-so-slightly raised leaf pattern that adds the perfect amount of personality to them.

There’s a pair, or two, of HONNS for every lifestyle’s need. So, whether you’re buying them for yourself or someone else, there is a fit, pattern, and color to fit the day to day routine. Plus, each pair comes in a protective box, perfect for storing them in the off season.

Functional, stylish gloves are finally here thanks to HONNS.

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