Park Ave. Noir
Park Ave. Noir, NYC, 2016

Everyone knows that the winter in New York City is long and particularly brutal. Just this year we had snow in April for the first time in as long as I can remember. I even heard of a police department issuing a warrant for the groundhog who predicted an early spring on the charges of fraud. When the cold weather stretches deep into March on a yearly basis it’s easy to dream of the eternal warmth of Miami or LA.

Park Ave. Flora
Park Ave. Flora, NYC, 2016

However, when the weather does finally change for the warmer, the whole physical atmosphere of the city changes and it becomes a photographer’s paradise. The sky turns to a dark blue almost violet color, which peaks through the clearing clouds and marbles with the remaining vapors of over the skyscrapers of Manhattan in spectacular fashion. The trees that Park Ave. flower and provide an amazing naturalistic effect to the endless concrete surrounding them. Finally, the light brings a sharpness to the buildings not seen in the dull gray of winter, which is perfect for black and white prints.

Columbus Circ.
Columbus Circ., NYC, 2016

We may not think so at the time but it’s easy to suffer the winter when the spring brings so much.