Could you believe it’s that time of the year already. Yeah you know the time of year where the nights get colder and you start scrambling around to find gifts to satisfy each and every one of your loved ones.

Granted this hustle and bustle is for a good cause, I mean who doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy on the inside from knowing someone benefited from the fruits of your labor. Like most consumers, the holidays start to become a constant struggle between trying to appease everyone and not going broke.

With so many people to shop for with distinctive interests, finding the ideal gift becomes a struggle*. No fret cause here at Manhattan Digest we will try to alleviate those shopping woes by providing you with our Editor’s Pick Shopping List.

Rémy Martin Cognac

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Taille d'image :L (7360 x 4912), FX 2016/04/22 13:35:48.23 Fuseau horaire/date :UTC, Heure d'ŽtŽ:DŽsactivŽe RAW (14 bits) Photographe :@Pascal BOUCLIER Nikon D810 Objectif :85mm f/2.8D Focale :85mm Mode mise au point :Manuel (MF) Zone AF :Point sŽlectif VR : RŽglage prŽcis AF :DŽsactivŽ Ouverture :f/24 Vitesse d'obturation :1/125s Mode d'exposition :M Correction expo. :0IL RŽgl. prŽcis expo. : Mesure :Matricielle SensibilitŽ :ISO 64 Modle : Balance des blancs :Auto1, 0, 0 Espace colorimŽtrique :Adobe RVB RŽduc. bruit ISO :DŽsactivŽe RŽduction du bruit :DŽsactivŽe D-Lighting actif :DŽsactivŽ Authentification : Contr™le du vignetage :DŽsactivŽ Contr™le auto de la distorsion :DŽsactivŽ Picture Control :[NL] Neutre FondŽ sur :[NL] Neutre RŽglage rapide :- Accentuation :2.00 ClartŽ :0.00 Contraste :0.00 LuminositŽ :0.00 Saturation :0.00 Teinte :0.00 Effets de filtres : Virage : Optimisation image : Mode couleur : Correction des tons : RŽglage des teintes : Saturation : Accentuation : Latitude : Longitude : Altitude : RŽfŽrence altitude : Cap gŽographique : UTC : Sys coord : [#End of Shooting Data Section]This gift is for the person who appreciates the delight of a classic drink. Which means they cherish and appreciate the components that make up good quality cognac. This season Remy Martin has collaborated with French Kinetic artist Vincent Leroy to devise a new look for their packaging which was inspired by the cognac blending process itself. 

The design has been interpreted in a festive gold hue and will be highlighted on the Remy Martin XO holiday gift box. The limited edition holiday Rémy Martin XO gift box will retail for $150.00 and is available nationwide in store and online and makes for the perfect holiday gift for the spirit connoisseur.

ARTICLE22 Jewelry

article-22Who wouldn’t be ecstatic from receiving jewelry as a gift and I’m not just saying as a Christmas gift, especially when the jewels have a story behind them. Article 22 is a jewelry line with an interesting story behind their designs that caters to the ethical shopper.

This company is dedicated to help clear the 80 million active bombs that litter the nation of Laos by creating meaningful jewelry and home collections made by local villagers using the detonated bomb scraps leftover from the Vietnam War. When purchasing an item from this collection it not only gets you a chic piece of jewelry, it also makes you part of history.

If you’r ever in The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park or the Union Square Holiday Market be sure to stop by the jewelry counter where you can purchase a piece of ethical history or just visit Article 22’s online boutique!

Creative TablesAssouline Publishing

3d-coverThis book is for the person who enjoys the art of entertaining, whether it be during the holidays or a special occasion. Creative Tables is a book the entails plenty fanciful settings that forgo expensive tableware and accessories in favor of elements and ingredients already found in the typical home. It may seem slightly intimidating creating your own centerpieces or conceiving flowers made from pasta, however it is enjoyable seeing the possibilities.

Creative Tables is available for purchase at ASSOULINE boutiques worldwide and through

Essential Oil Diffusers

essentail-oilAn essential oil diffuser can be a great gift for you or anyone appreciates alone time to rejuvenate. Everyone may not have the money to utilize spa services as frequently as they would like so why not bring the spa home with you. Most of them come with LED lights to really help set the mood after those long evening at the office. Sold online at places like Target, Amazon and even Walmart, it’s too easy to get you’re hands on one of these babies.

The fact that they are extremely inexpensive makes the buyer feel even better. It ranges from 20$- 40$ depending on what size you would like and how many features you would it to come with.

Hopefully this list helped your creativity to flow when it comes to deciding what to get an for who. And even if you’re not shopping for anyone this year and looking to treat yourself, let this list be the start to a guide.