One World Observatory

When you’re in the midst of a busy city like New York, it can be difficult to have an opportunity to stand back and take everything in. Between the people, traffic and skyscrapers the only thing an average New Yorker may be interested in is getting from point A to B.

With so many marvelous attractions around the city, it’s time that we push pause on our busy schedule and revel in some activities like the tourist do.

And your first stop should be One World Observatory, located downtown Manhattan 102 stories above Gotham. Yes, you read that right 102 stories up making this the tallest building in the western hemisphere.

The experience provided at One World Observatory is like no other and every New Yorker should witness.  After it is said and done you’ll appreciate living in the best city of the world.

Touring One World Observatory does not begin or end with being 102 stories up, there are a few preliminary tasks that happen prior to going all the way up.

global-welcome-center-and-voicesFirst stop is the Global Welcome Center which is a ever-changing video wall that highlights the many patrons that come in and where in the world they traveled from. After viewing through the alluring statistics of visits you’ll then walk to the voices wall where the people who assisted in building One World Trade Center give inspiring testimonies.

Then you’ll find yourself walking through a maze of bed rock (which is meant to represent the bed rock of which New York City was built on) that leads to Sky Pod Elevators that are an  experience in itself.

visiting-the-sky-podsThe elevators are lined with floor to ceiling LED screens placing you in a virtual time machine through 500 years of NYC history. How else do you expect to travel 102 stories up in 60 seconds.

Stepping off the elevators you’ll soon enter a mini theater where you will feel the rhythms of the city through a visual experience then, wahlah you’ll get you’re first sight of the skyline.

The observatory deck offers a 360 degree view of New York City and has to be the most captivating one as of yet. Being able to see parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut and even Coney Island from the same windows is one of a kind and part of the many marvels that make New York City remarkable.

When the helicopters look like birds and the many of buildings that make up our favorite neighborhoods look like Lego blocks you then realize you have reached a distinct perspective of New York that only the people who witness it will comprehend.

If you think just being up there and looking out the windows is something imagine dining accompanied by this amazing view. One World Observatory offers 3 diverse dinning options to satisfy any type of group.

dining-area-1One Dine is the fine dining option located on the mezzanine of the 101 floor. One Mix is for the person who just wants a sip of wine while taking in the views and One Cafe is for the group who is on the go and wants something quick. Whichever dining option you do pick you can’t lose.

If you’re ever looking for something different to do or looking for a new perspective on life coming up to One World Observatory is the answer! For more information, check out their official site.