Credit- B. Brokaw

Printers Alley is one of those new locations in Manhattan that you must try for several reasons.  One- the convenience of its location is super awesome as it is right off the 1/2/3 line at Times Square.  Two- it brings the flavors of Nashville to the Big Apple in a fantastic way that will leave you wanting to put your cowboy boots upon leaving this grand location.  Three- it reads as overall a fun place to eat and enjoy with your friends and family.  Here’s why.

Printers Alley
Printers Alley, NYC by Brokaw Photography

I took my friend to Printers Alley on Sunday to experience what they had to offer, and was quite pleased with so much.  The location itself is massive!  The main floor has a southern essence to it that you don’t see in too many restaurants here in Manhattan, and it has a way of inviting not only the tourists (given that this is in Times Square) but also the locals as it has a very inviting appeal to it.  If you are looking to have a bit more fun, the downstairs has a huge pool table to play while you are downing some beers with your buds.

Printers Alley
Credit: D. Brandwein

Printers Alley has only been opened for a couple of months, but the hope is that it will be around for quite some time.  With the Nashville and southern cuisine theme in mind, we dove into some of their specialty appetizers and entrees and were left feeling full and happy, which any restaurant should be able to do!

Printers Alley
Credit: Ryan Shea

If you are looking for some hearty starters, two classic southern dishes that we recommend are their Grilled Cornbread and Fried Green Tomatoes.  The cornbread had just enough grill marks on them to not make it overtly crunchy, and the smooth butter melted in between the bread to make for a great bite.  I have only heard of Fried Green Tomatoes through cooking shows and it being a movie starring Drew Barrymore, but was super excited to try just how delicious they really are!  They have a great amount of spice and heat to them, which just adds to its taste, with a dipping sauce to cool it down a bit.

Printers Alley
Credit: Ryan Shea

Printers Alley has a great line of sandwiches, ranging from Fried Chicken, Sloppy Joe and more.  My friend opted for their Smoked Pulled Pork, which came with smothered beans and coleslaw.  You get that down south, home cooked feel when you take a bite into this sandwich, as the beans and the perfectly cooked pulled pork really make for a great bite.  A great selection, but this one struck us the most and we are glad we got it!

Printers Alley
Credit: Ryan Shea

For their entrees, it is hard to steer me away from anything yam/sweet potato related, so their Half a Smoked Chicken with Baked Yam & Pecan Butter really did the trick.  The chicken skin was so spicy and tasty and paired so well with the warm, buttery flavor of the yam.  I have never had either before like this in my 30 years of existence, and it was a finger licking good one that I would come back for again and again.

Overall, Printers Alley seems to have it going on and is heading in the right direction of being a star in the Manhattan foodie scene for 2017 and beyond.  They are also doing big things for the Super Bowl, coming up on February 5th.

They will be serving some Southern-inspired staple dishes, perfect for munching on throughout the game, like Chicken Wings, Pimento, Crab & Artichoke Dip, Pigs in a Blanket and Hot Chicken. Printers Alley will also be offering its “Touchdown” menu of special drink offerings, including:

Domestic Pitchers ($20)

Coors Light & Bud Light Buckets ($25)

Tullamore Dew ($6)

Jack Daniels ($6)

Frozen Drinks ($8)

Well Drinks ($6)

For more information on Printers Alley, please check out their official site.