Credit: FreshfromDE's Facebook Page.

Given what Chance the Rapper has done for being independent and abundantly fresh in the hip-hop community, it would make sense that there are others out there who are just as talented if not more than the recent Grammy winner.  FreshfromDE is a great example of that, as he showcases his incredible talents on the 2nd single off his upcoming album “The Ritual” called “High on Myself”, which was released today.

Not familiar with FreshfromDE?  Let’s take a closer look at this up and coming talented guy.  Hailing from, you guessed it, Delaware, FreshfromDE has been rapping ever since the age of 10 and hasn’t looked back since.  He has released a ton of amazing songs on his SoundCloud that showcase his diversity and flow when it comes to producing his songs and the overall execution of them (“Mind Over Matter” and “Jaded” being my two favorites.  More on those here.

Credit: FreshfromDE

Produced by Roca Beats, “High On Myself” is quite the blastoff for 2017 from FreshfromDE upon first listen.  I love the slow build in the beginning of the song, that forms into a chill beat throughout.  The song is very reminiscent of Drake and Future’s collaborations, with faster and much better paced rap flows from beginning to end.  It’s message essentially is about believing in yourself, being on your own “bracket” as he says, and to not focus on others who are “eyeing the belt”.  Overall, its a great track that I hope gets the recognition it deserves in a slow year for hip-hop in 2017.

To stream the song, and to hear more about FreshfromDE, check out his SoundCloud link here. Here is his official site.  Also, be on the looking for the full album “The Ritual”, due out later this Spring.  Can’t wait to see what’s next from this talented dude.


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