michael bolton
Photo courtesy of CharityBuzz,

Michael Bolton is a multi-Grammy Award winning vocalist with global appeal and album sales that have yielded over 60 million. He’s also been a staunch social activist, lending his time and services to his organization, The Michael Bolton Charities  supporting women & children at risk. You’d think with all that he’s accomplished, he’d be sitting on top of the world. Lately however, he’s been a bit melancholy and keeps returning to the the same question he posed in 1989: “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?”  Yes. You, Dear Reader. Michael Bolton needs you to be his “soul Provider”—and here is how you can help him get “back on his feet again.”

CharityBuzz is pleased to present an opportunity to meet the Connecticut native at one of his upcoming concerts. You and a guest can bid on 2 VIP tickets, a seat at sound check, and the chance to schmooze with the smoky voiced crooner himself. Guests can choose between one of his stops in Windsor, Ontario, Washington State, or Oregon. (Click link for specific details.). Bidders may bid through February 28th and the prize has an estimated value of $1,500. But really, how can you place a monetary value on Michael FREAKIN’ Bolton?

Please note the friendly reminder from CharityBuzz: Polite manners and respect for the generous donor and adherence to any rules or parameters are a must. In other words, don’t make Bolton regret this act of kindness.  Keep your panties on, locked, and secured in the upright position so that your encounter won’t end with a restraining order. And Good luck!