Casablanca Hotel
Credit: Casablanca Hotel

Casablanca Hotel is one of the very few reasons this Manhattanite will even step foot in the tourist trap known as Times Square.  No shade (really) to the most visited area on the planet, but the crowds & congestion can really get to you at a certain point.  Luckily, Casablanca Hotel provides an epic escape of sorts from the minute you step inside their gorgeous location on 43rd between Broadway and 6th Avenue.

Credit: Casablanca Hotel

Similar to the classic movie Casablanca, the hotel itself throws colors and themes that are reminiscent of the Humphrey Bogart-Ingrid Berman piece.  The uses of lush reds, greens and yellows and and beautiful wood furnishings encapsulate your eyes immediately from arrival, and the rooms itself are quite comfortable with a gorgeous overview of Times Square.

Credit: Casablanca Hotel

The amenities are fabulous as well at Casablanca Hotel.  You have Rick’s Cafe, nestled right inside the location which serves complimentary refreshments 24 hours a day and is a great spot if you need to get some work done or just feel like relaxing with your friends and family.  Similar to the other hotels in the Library Hotel Collection, they also provide a fantastic breakfast spread each morning as well as a wine & cheese hour between 5-8PM each night.  Tackle on a daily pass to New York Sports Club, and you are in for a real treat!

Location is obviously key here.  The great thing about Casablanca Hotel is that you are legitimately in the middle of everything.  Whether you want to see the sights of Times Square, go see a Broadway show, head to Hell’s Kitchen for some tasty bites, they are all within a 5 minute walk from the hotel itself.  I always believe in “think local, shop local”, especially in Manhattan, so given the unique experience Casablanca Hotel does provide you, it would be at your best interest to book there as opposed to a hotel chain you can get in your local area.  For reals.

Credit: Casablanca Hotel

As we are bracing for the summer season, they have a great deal coming up that you should try for yourself called the Summer Wine Package!  Book this special offer and receive 15 percent off their best flexible rates, as well as a delicious bottle of French Rose to celebrate upon your arrival!  Wine and savings are always a good thing in my book!

For more information on Casablanca Hotel, please check out their official website.


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