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Manhattan is one of the busiest cities in the world, and with that business comes the ever so present fact that taking time to do our errands can be nearly impossible.  This includes getting our haircut, but luckily there is a new place in town that will give you one in 10 minutes or less that will leave you looking sophisticated, stylish and more.  This all happens at QB House, which just opened in Midtown less than a month ago.

QB House, which is located on East 43rd Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue, could not have a better spot to park your butt in for a great haircut given its proximity to Grand Central Station and so many other great things that make Manhattan awesome.  The moderately sized space provides clients with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you simply make your request on how you want your haircut done, and 10 minutes later you are out the door feeling fresh and happy.

QB House
Credit: QB House

Here are five situations where QB House can ultimately help in your timeliness and need for a great haircut:

You are going to a job interview in Midtown, and need to fix yourself up.

Non-verbal communication is the most powerful form of communication, especially at a job interview! No matter how impressive your resume is, you need to look fresh and professional. QB House operates over 550 locations in Japan where people are very particular about looking clean. Specializing in the “LogiThCut”, which stands for Logical Thinking Cut and is QB’s unique program focusing on accuracy and quality, you can trust QB House to make you look interview ready.

You are going out of town and have extra time to spare.

You may want to refresh yourself before you leave the city, but don’t have a lot of time. At the façade of QB House, there are “traffic signals” with green, yellow and red lights indicating how busy the salon is. Green means you can walk right in, yellow a bit of a wait, and red, a longer wait. You can tell how busy the salon is even before walking into the shop, so you won’t have to worry about missing your train or bus.

You are meeting your significant other’s parents at The Grand Central Oyster Bar.

Your partner’s parents are out-of-towners and you decide to meet them for an early dinner at The Grand Central Oyster Bar before they head to a Broadway show. You need to look neat and impressive, but are probably rushing straight from work, looking a bit stressed and messy. In just 10 minutes, you can get a haircut at QB House, and walk in the restaurant looking smart and stylish, and still be on time.

You just came back from a trip to Japan and you already miss it.

Once back in New York from Japan, you’re apt to miss the scenery, the food, and the cleanliness. QB House offers the authentic Japanese experience, transporting you back to Japan. Their non-woven towels are replaced after every customer, every comb is offered to the customer to take home, and excess hair is cleaned away with a special vacuum-cleaner “air washer.” Spotlessly clean like in Japan, you are ready to head to any of the Japanese restaurants nearby filled with expats to continue the experience.

QB House
Credit: QB House

The heat and humidity is killing you and you need to refresh.

The heat in New York can be very unpleasant, and you may decide at that moment you need a haircut to feel cooler.  While you may be handy with a clipper and a mirror, why take chances? You can head to QB House and get a quick cut and go, and feel refreshed for only $20. You can’t afford not to.

QB House is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. Weekends and Holidays from 9 am to 6 pm.


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