Treadwell Park
Credit: Merchants Hospitality

Treadwell Park, one of the Upper East Side’s newest gems and a great place to eat while enjoying some games and fun, has introduced a limited time Summer Farmhouse Fresh Menu to its audience.  Available until July 25th, this menu boasts some fantastic hearty plates with ales that draw references locally and internationally at the same time.

We have featured Treadwell Park many times on Manhattan Digest in the past (Father’s Day for instance), and enjoy what they bring to the table outside of just food.  It’s ping-pong tables, craft beers, and a hall filled with a diverse crowd that just want to have a good time.  This menu should elevate that concept tenfold.

Credit: Merchants Hospitality

Two of the items on the menu are for the beer and ale lover in all of us, one from the country of France and the other from Belgium, the latter of which a good amount of their menu is inspired.  From France, you have “Biere de Garde”, which translates to “Beer to Keep”.

I for one am not much of a drinker, however my friend who joined me (for those purposes) said that he really enjoyed this ale, as there was a great amount of spice to it that added a great element to the drink overall.

On the other hand, you have the Belgian edition with their Saison, which combines a great amount of taste and hints of champagne into its drink which brings it to a whole other level in terms of what you can order at a spot like this.  Beer curator Anne Becerra was gleefully on hand to help us out with both these drinks, and her effervescent energy shined through just as these two options did when they were presented to us.

Credit: Merchants Hospitality

Outside of this, they also have some hearty bites to really sink your teeth into.  You have a fantastic light salad option with apple and bacon (a killer combination), or warm bread with a variety of cheeses and a sweet sauce to dip into that has a honey dijon type vibe.  I would definitely stop by Treadwell Park to experience all of this and so much more.  The menu runs until next Tuesday, the 25th.

For more information on Treadwell Park, please check out their official website.