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August is known to be one of NYC’s hottest months of the year, with the temperature and humidity soaring. Whilst I love a chance to explore what’s going on in the city when the heat is rising, you do not want to be making regular trips on the subway on days when it can feel like 110 degrees. If you are prone to suffering from heat stroke, it’s not a good idea. Don’t panic though, there are plenty of options to avoid the worst of the heat so that you can have a cool, relaxing summer.

Dive Right In

If you want to enjoy some time in the sun but have easy access to cool down, why not enjoy a trip to one of New York’s many outdoor pools. You can sunbathe and work on that tan but, when the heat gets too much, you can dive into the blue lagoon-like water to refresh yourself. That seems like the best of both worlds. Of course, make sure to go to one with a few chaise longues in the shade for when the sun is at its highest. Parents could also enjoy a stroll beneath the trees in Central Park and splash around in the sprinklers with their kids.

Chill at Home

Staying at home means a constant supply of air-con and the ability to sink into the refrigerator like that time Monica did in Friends. You might want to laze around and catch up with your new favorite TV show or discover a new hobby. For a really modern activity though, take the plunge into the world of online gaming – like a trip to Vegas without the desert dust. Learning to play bitcoin roulette, for example, is a much more straightforward endeavor than you might think, especially now that bitcoin is a mainstream commodity. It’s possible to play slots and blackjack too on sites like Vegas Casino, one of the first gaming companies to earn a bitcoin licence.


Indulge Yourself

It’s good to treat yourself every so often, especially if you’re having to survive in a heatwave. A trip to sample some of NYC’s best ice cream is a great way to cleanse your palette. One of the most famed locations to try out some mind-blowing gelato is in Chinatown. The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is actually one of the oldest businesses in this area. As well as serving up the popular classics, you have the opportunity to expand your taste buds with flavors from the Far East such as Red Bean and Durian.

Night-Time Travels

Another alternative way to dodge the daytime heat is to go out at night. There is a great choice of night bus tours that you can do of the city in open-top buses. You can revisit all the main sightseeing spots in NYC such as Times Square and the Rockefeller Center or you can cheer with the locals at an evening baseball game. Remember, you can get a different perspective of the city when the sun goes down and the lights come on.