National S'Mores Day
Credit: Schmackary's

Schmackary’s is one of our favorite dessert type spots here in Manhattan, as their cookies are top of the line with a diverse amount of flavors (please do yourself a favor and try the Funfetti and Maple Bacon the next time you are there please!)  With National S’Mores Day coming up tomorrow, this location is doing something super special to celebrate this ooey and gooey day that we know you will love!

Bakery owner Zachary Schmahl puts his creative twist on s’mores with the Sch’mores cookie, a honey graham cracker base loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips, smeared with marshmallow fluff frosting, and torched to a warm toasted golden brown perfection. Dig in while it’s sticky!

For the ultimate summer treat, cool down and indulge in a Sch’mores Ice Cream Sandwich ($6.25), with creamy vanilla ice cream smashed between two Sch’mores cookies.

What’s not to love here?  Sounds absolutely delicious to me.  Head to Schmackary’s for National S’Mores Day and many more to celebrate your love for all things sweet.

For more information on Schmackary’s, please check out their official website.