Lincoln Inn
Credit: Lincoln Inn & Restaurant

If you are looking for a fun getaway before the summer ends that gets you out of the madness that is Manhattan for a couple of days, then I would definitely recommend heading up north to New England.  A state that I have only visited once before became my destination on my latest travel series for Manhattan Digest, where I stopped by the enchanting and wonderful Lincoln Inn & Restaurant in Woodstock, Vermont.

Credit: Lincoln Inn & Restaurant

Last week, I packed my overnight bag and headed up to Vermont for what I was hoping to be a wonderful experience.  Please note, as I did take Amtrak via The Vermonter: if you have a car or another form of transportation that will get you there faster, USE IT.  The train ride took absolutely forever but my annoyance was gone once I arrived to the inn.

As the sun was somewhat settling when I arrived, it really showcased just how beautiful the outside space of this location really is.  It really looks like your all inclusive B&B of sorts, that is sort of reminiscent in something you would see in a travel guide or even in a romantic movie as a backdrop.

Credit: Lincoln Inn & Restaurant

Driving from White River Junction (the nearest Amtrak stop) to Woodstock just shows how beautiful the state really is.  The surrounding area where The Lincoln Inn & Restaurant is tends to be a bit more remote, like you are in the middle of nowhere, but it is perfect for city dwellers who want to hear the sounds of the night and not the never ending cop and ambulance noises we hear all the time.

What stood out to me the most, more than anything about this spot, is the food.  The food is executed by Executive Chef, Jevgenija Saromova, who is also the owner with her wonderful partner Mara.  They have owned this location for a couple of years now and have turned it into a very cozy & enchanting experience, especially when it comes to the food.

The dinner service starts usually around 7PM for a multicourse menu that Chef Saramova changes on a nightly basis.  When asked why she does this, she said “There is a restaurant in our town that has served the same food for the past thirty years.  I would get so beyond bored with making the same dishes for that amount of time, so I always feel the need to update my dishes each and every day to keep them as fresh as possible”.

Credit: Lincoln Inn & Restaurant

The food that she prepared that night was elegant and simply delicious.  The courses started with a Tuna Ceviche & Yuzu Panna Cotta, which followed with a Beetroot Pomegranate & Red Quinoa Red Grape Juice Air.  For the entree, we had Filet Mignon & Venison Flank Steak, Mushroom & White Truffle Ravioli with Cipollini Onions & Black Mission Figs.  Finally, we finished a French Blue Lavender & Lemon Cheese Cake with a Limoncello Sorbet.

As a somewhat food snob from Manhattan, I was truly surprised with what she was able to bring to the table with each course.  I never thought about putting Yuzu with Panna Cotta, as I thought the flavors would be way off, but it worked.  My favorite that I had that night was the Black Mission Figs with the Filet & Venison.  The sweetness of those figs complimented everything else on the plate so well, and made for a spectacular feast.

Credit: Lincoln Inn & Restaurant

The rooms, which there are only six, are beautiful as well with my room having a gorgeous purple colored wall, comfortable bedding and furnished wooden floors that make for what an inn is supposed to be.  After getting a good night sleep, Chef prepared a scrumptious and hearty breakfast with coffee that got me jazzed for the day ahead.  I walked around the property as well and saw just how beautiful the grassy area was and beyond that was more stunning views.  Overall, it was a lovely experience that you should try the next time you want a trip away from NYC.

For more information on The Lincoln Inn & Restaurant, please check out their official website.