Credit: Jameela Lake

Sitting at a fashion show watching the models effortlessly breeze by it’s easy to take for granted all the hard work that goes into the creation of the garments they are wearing.  Not at Bibhu Mohapatra’s show.  The craftsmanship of his collection shines brighter than the runway lights. Bibhu’s designs are always stunning and this season’s offerings were no different.  Beautiful gowns worn by beautiful people with beautiful jewelry (also designed by Bibhu).

Credit: Kevin Sturman

Bibhu is not the kind of designer who takes a solo bow at the end of his show as if he alone created each piece.  He graciously accepts his applause along side his team who have spent many weeks working beside him.

Credit: Kevin Sturman

Fashion week is not just a display of designers’ visions.  It’s an amalgamation of the work of thousands of people all over the world collaborating in a creative process.  From the mills that weave the fabrics in Milan to the people who hand bead the embellishments in India to the sewers who stitch them together in New York.  The designer is the conductor who brings out the best of every player in the orchestra.  It’s a symphony in fabric.

Bibhu Mohapatra
Credit: Kevin Sturman

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