Poverty is a economic and social state that still describes the majority of the world. Most of our society wouldn’t realize how much adversity these poverty stricken people face on a regular basis. There are plenty of non-profit organizations around the world who distinguish the many issues and make it their mission to help in anyway they can.

Mercado Global is one of those organizations that commit themselves to social operations while empowering native Mayan women. Keeping these women connected to international markets, fostering sustainable livelihoods for their families, and pioneering a socially responsible business model within the fashion industry is the company carries out their vision.

Wednesday October 18 at The Prince George Ballroom, Mercado Global is set celebrate women entrepreneurs with an evening soiree. This year the event will highlight Mercado Global and the work they continuously do to empower women and boost ethical practices within fashion.

Target and Accompany will be honored with the 2017 Global Impact Award for their recent collaboration earlier this year. Pamela Love will also be honored with the 2017 Fashion Forward Visionary Award for her jewelry line.

It is important to recognize the women and the initiatives that continue to propel specific industries. This night is dedicated to those women and the innovative ideas they contribute to their respective fields.

There is still time to purchase tickets to join in all the fun and appreciation set to take this place this week!

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