PN Wood Fired Pizza
Credit: PN Wood Fired Pizza

So, there’s a bit of jealousy for this particular writer, as PN Wood Fired Pizza is a spot that we have visited before, but it was done by another talented writer at Manhattan Digest (link here.)  I had no idea what I was prepared for when we did round two there earlier this week, and suffice to say I was quite thrilled with what they were able to accomplish in the world of pizza and so much more.

The bustling area of Flatiron has been one of our recent favorites here, as it blends a ton of really great and authentic cuisines together in a really fantastic way.  PN Wood Fired Pizza is one of those examples, as my friend and I went there on a chilly Wednesday night for some yummy pizza, appetizers, and to enjoy the warmth from the freezing hell that was outside.

The PN in PN Wood Fired Pizza stands for Pecore Nere, which means Black Sheep.  This term can be a good thing in the culinary world, as it means you stand alone in a sea of boring and everyone else doing the same thing.  Something that has always caught my eye when spotting a great restaurant here in Manhattan is how they will go beyond the ordinary to ensure you have not only a great time, but a memorable one at that.  PN did this for us.

The location itself is moderately sized, intimate, with great lighting and atmosphere to enjoy while dining.  The service was top notch, and the tasting menu we received highlighted fantastic Italian elements that I have tried before… but with a twist.

Here is what I recommend you divulging in once you find yourself seated inside. Their Cauliflower Hummus and Truffle Meatballs were the star appetizers we tried before enjoying a copious amount of pizza.  Cauliflower has become my new favorite vegetable since becoming a food writer, and this is no exception.  The hummus has bright and warm flavors with some lemon juice spritzed all around it, and the side of focaccia bread makes for a great dipping option.  I am one to never really shy away from a meatball, and this one made me say “Hey, can I eat you ASAP?”  Made with beef and ground pork, it was satisfying and comforting all at once.

As for their pizza, you can go classic and stick with ones like a Foccacina with EVOO and salt or their Margherita with tomato pulp, basil and fresh mozzarella.  Or, you can get a little fancier and try their Crudo & Rucola, which is tomato pulp, fresh mozzarella, arugula, fresh basil, and prosciutto di parma.  Ingredients that never go out of style like a Chanel suit, and work perfectly with one another.  Simply delicious.  Also, save room for dessert as their raspberry sorbet is a great finisher to a fab meal.

For more information on PN Wood Fired Pizza, please check out their official website.