If you are looking for a wonderful vacation spot that isn’t too far away, then Nyack, New York is definitely a place you will want to check out.  A quick one hour drive from Manhattan will bring you into this delightful part of our state that has an amazing hotel within it that you will want to check into: The Time Nyack.

The Time Nyack, located on High Street in the heart of it all, happens to be the only upscale and boutique hotel in all of Rockland County, which is one of many things that sets it apart from the rest.  It’s not that hard to miss as you pull up to its location, as its brick exterior (which used to be a factory warehouse) lights up an area that is full of a bunch of local establishments including restaurants, shops and more.

Credit: The Time Nyack

There’s a lot to look at while you are inside. When you turn right, you will find yourself immersed in a gorgeous and spacious lobby section where you can relax before taking on the big day ahead.  The hotel is big enough to host large scale meetings for your company, parties with your friends, or even your own wedding should you choose to do so.

The color schemes for the entire location is quite wonderful as well, especially when you notice the artistry that is seen on the walls prior to entering their wonderful restaurant on premise called BV’s Grill.  BV’s is included in The Time Nyack’s upscale agenda, as the restaurant itself brings 4-star dining and ambiance to the heart of its city.

Here’s the great thing about BV’s: you don’t have to leave the hotel.  Yes, there is a ton of amazing things to do in Nyack outside of The Time, but the food is just so darn good for both dinner and lunch that it would be hard to eat anywhere else.  Recommendations include their Steak Sandwich for lunch and Roasted Free-Range Chicken Breast with goose fat potatoes for dinner.  Simply yum. 

Credit: The Time Nyack

The rooms at The Time Nyack are quite wonderful as well, and provide amenities including free WIFI, cable and more.  The height of the rooms that are available on the top floor, which I stayed in, are quite remarkable as you truly get an understanding of how they were able to renovate this place from a warehouse into something so much more spectacular.

Edgar Melo Costa, Owner of The Time Hotel Nyack, had this to say regarding the wonderful location: “I am looking forward to taking the town of Nyack to the next level! We are in an area that has so much to offer and we are the only upscale, boutique hotel in Rockland County. I look forward to giving our visitors a one of a kind luxury experience.”

Credit: The Time Nyack

So if you want to get away from NYC this summer, head to The Time Nyack and enjoy some R&R in a place not too far away.  For more information, click here