Maritime Hotel
Credit: The Maritime Hotel

The Maritime Hotel in Chelsea is nothing short of simply fabulous. Luxurious accommodations, a gorgeous atmosphere and being adjacent to some of the best food in the city are a couple of reasons why you need to check into this beautiful location ASAP.

The Maritime Hotel is located at W. 16th street between 8th and 9th avenue. I almost wanted to cry out of relief when I found out where it was, as its located by some of the best food spots, night life, entertainment and more.

Credit: Annie Schlechter

You have an incredible food hall in Chelsea Market literally steps away from the hotel’s entrance, as well as fabulous eateries that adorn 8th avenue for your enjoyment. You also have some great shopping opportunities right by your location and a variety of bars to eat and dish at including Cooper’s and Gym Sportsbar.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. The Maritime Hotel is a boutique location, which I always recommend anyone staying at in New York City as opposed to conglomerate-based ones that you can reserve anywhere in the country. Boutique spots often mean that the service and experience you will be getting will far exceed ones that aren’t, and that’s what I experienced when I stayed there recently.

The theme to this spot is obviously aquatic, given the name of it. A royal blue color encompasses much of the decor on the lobby level, with several bookshelves and comfortable seating available for you prior to checking in.

Tapas Bar, La Sirena
Credit: Xavier Girard Lachine

There are also two foodie locations based on the premise of The Maritime Hotel: TAO Downtown and La Sirena. TAO is simply swank and one of the hottest locations to visit in New York City. It hosts a bevy of celebrity-related events per year, and has a menu that is beyond scrumptious (get their dumplings for the love of anything). La Sirena is another place worth dining at, at its tapas-style menu is extraordinary.

Credit: Annie Schlechter

The rooms inside the Maritime Hotel are comfortable, plush and once again have that “maritime” feel to it. You also get a great view of the street level while there, and several complimentary amenities from the daily paper all the way to a bike that you can ride around the city with. Overall, this is a great place to stay at and one that you should consider on your next visit to The Big Apple.

For more information on The Maritime Hotel, please check out their official website.