Bar Boulud
Credit: Bar Boulud

When you have a name like James Beard award-winning chef Daniel Boulud attached to a restaurant, chances are you are in for a very, very good night. That was my experience to a tee when I stopped by his French bistro called Bar Boulud with a friend last week.

I have big a huge fan of Daniel’s for many years now, and am fully aware of the type of food that he expertly produces. Not only that, but his accolades reads as a dream resume for anyone in the culinary field, as he’s opened some of the most iconic restaurants across the world over his illustrious career (Daniel, db Bistro Moderne, etc).

So naturally my taste buds were overtly excited when I headed to Bar Boulud, which is conveniently located across the street from Lincoln Center. The spot where Bar Boulud is couldn’t be more gorgeous, especially during the summer. The Upper West Side has always been a favorite spot of mine to visit and dine in, as it has an energy to it that always reads as upbeat and fun to be in. Daniel’s spot did that and more, and what we experienced during our night there was nothing short of extraordinary.

What’s fascinating about Bar Boulud was its ability to transport you from New York City and into the heart of Paris upon your first entrance. It reads, and bills itself, as a French bistro of sorts, with comfortable seating designed for a large gathering or an intimate dinner of two.

It also holds a very impressive feat as January marked the location’s 10th year of being open. I have been to so many restaurants in New York City that open and close very quickly, many of which were incredibly promising, so for Daniel and co to be able to keep this spot alive and thriving all this time later proves that they are doing something right.

Now… the food! The fusion for this is French cuisine (expertly created by Executive Chef Dieter Samijn) in a relaxed environment. We were warned that some of the dishes took about 20-25 minutes to make in advance, which was fine as the wait was worth it and then some. Here’s what I recommend you try the next time you find yourself at Bar Boulud.

Their appetizers were scrumptious from the first bite that I took. Two that I recommend you ordering are their Melon & Prosciutto and Tomato and Burrata options. Both classics, simple, but when executed properly can make for a great start to the meal. Both of these did that.

I still get a tear in my eye when I think about just how darn good the entrees that we had were. I opted for the Roasted Chicken Breast, as I’m a sucker for a good chicken skin. It was complimented with chanterelles, panisse, spinach
sun-dried tomato and a sauce Vin Jaune. All of it worked. Seriously. To pair all of those classic ingredients onto one plate and for it to sing that harmoniously is nothing short of amazing. One of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time.

For more information on Bar Boulud, please check out their official website.