Monsieur Job
Credit: Monsieur Job

A trend that has occurred for several years now is primarily Spanish-speaking songs finding their way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This dates all the way back to the mid-90’s when Los Del Rio released “Macarena” and has continued on from there with songs from J. Balvin, Luis Fonsi and several more just to name a few.

It would make sense then for another wave of artists similar to Luis and J. to find their own success on those charts and many more, one of which happens to be a band named Monsieur Job.

Formed by Toby Holguin, Monsiuer Job’s Caribbean Latin flavor in its music has been lighting up radio stations and the iTunes charts recently. Their debut song, “Chow Chow Eyy Pow Pow” hit number one overseas on the Euro Indie Music Chart while also placing a spot on several others including the Billboard Hot 100.

Monsieur Job has also released some other stellar hits from their album Bass Passi including “Kick It”, which has also done well chart wise and has a remix that is burning up the airwaves as well speak. Toby from Monsieur Job chatted with us about how the group came together, their success so far and what they hope for in the future. Take a look.

How did the four of you come together to create this band?

I started this as a solo project where it eventually became a band. I brought the other guys on board where I found that I could not promote them individually.

What is your overall sound and how did it all come together for you guys?

Our sound is undefined… weird almost. We put a stamp to our Pop Urban sound by setting electronic music structures and flamenco guitar feels, as well as Argentinian influenced rock ballads and island feels of dancehall and reggae mashed in with Spanish vocals.

Your song “Kick It” has done incredibly well on the Billboard charts over the past couple of months. Are you surprised at its success?

It’s our album Bass Pa$$i 1 that hit #2 on Latin Sales and Latin Rhythm Charts, not “Kick It”. “Kick it” hit #1 in the Euro Indie Chart as well as “Chow Chow eyyy Pow Pow”. I definitely expect “Niña Shake Your Body” which is being promoted now to hit the Billboard charts.

You also recently released a remix to “Kick It.” Can you tell us more about that?

Yes, I met Desmond (Charly Black) in Jamaica years ago and decided to work on this track and the outcome was satisfactory but I expected more.

With the recent success of Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” and J. Balvin’s “Mi Gente”, do you think there’s finally room for primarily Spanish speaking songs to make their way towards the top of the pop charts?

Yes, I think that Balvin will make it there. I am a huge fan of his music. Then others will come but I believe JB will be the trend setter.

What do you guys have going on the rest of 2018?

I keep writing and making music all year. Check out “Flexin”, “Tu Chulo”, “Vos Sos”, “Entre Tanto”, they just keep coming like bubbles. Grab your copy at Apple Music, Spotify, or Deezer. An upcoming tour in the States for the end of this year or starting 2019 is in on our short-term agenda.

Monsieur Job
Credit: Monsieur Job

In conclusion, what are your ultimate goals for the future?

To do a world tour as we sound really good and want to share this experience with everyone. Also scoring at least one Grammy nomination and hopefully winning it. Another goal is to do more experimenting with our music and its fusion of cultures.

For more information on Monsieur Job, please check out their official website here.