Credit: Row NYC

There are a zillion hotels one can stay at for a variety of reasons in Manhattan. Some prefer luxury, some amenities, some proximity to locations they want to visit. Row NYC, located in the heart of the theater district, has all of that and then some and can easily be on your list of great places to stay this year.

For anyone visiting our lovely island, Row NYC would make the most sense to stay in for several reasons. A big part of why people come here revolves around seeing a Broadway show, checking out Times Square, Grand Central and all the yummy food that takes place in the middle of it all.

Credit: Row NYC

Row NYC is mere blocks from all of them. Being on 8th avenue between 44th and 45th street means all your Manhattan faves are steps away, making the experience that less stressful for you and your loved ones.

Great, so that’s out of the way. The inside of Row NYC is just as delicious as our concrete jungle that you may not even want to leave it after you’ve checked in. Once you walk upstairs you will find a sprawling entryway that includes a gorgeous bar to your right called District M and a wonderful food hall of sorts called City Kitchen.

Credit: Row NYC

District M is more for the mature crowd at night, but does have some wonderful breakfast options for all audiences in the morning. Dine and dish with your friends while sipping on some of the best drinks the city has to offer before you head out for the evening or go upstairs for a nightcap.

City Kitchen is an all-encompassing space when it comes to the kinds of cuisine you can indulge in. Enjoy a yummy lobster roll at Luke’s Lobster or some delicious Mexican cuisine at Gabriela’s Taqueria. Want something sweet? Indulge in your donut fantasy at Dough. It’s all there. Trust us.

As for the rooms, they come in all shapes and sizes depending on your price range and what you want out of your hotel experience. If you have some extra change its worth getting one of their gorgeous suites as you will get the sensation of what it feels like to live in a fancy New York City apartment like the celebs do. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then all the other rooms there will satisfy you one way or another.

Credit: Row NYC

Overall Row NYC is an amazing place to be for more reasons than one and is a spot you should definitely check into in 2019 and beyond.

For more information on Row NYC, please check out their official website.