Hotel Belleclaire
Credit: Hotel Belleclaire

The Upper West Side happens to be my favorite part of New York City. It’s an area that has a classic yet modern vibe to it, which can be seen throughout its streets and subway systems. A superb location that echoes the same sentiment is Hotel Belleclaire, which is an institution on the UWS worth checking into and then some.

I first stayed at Hotel Belleclaire nearly four years ago and have been in love with this place every since for many reasons.

The location for one is fantastic. You are steps away from the 1 train stop, only two blocks up from 77th and Broadway (where its situated) which whisks you to some of New York City’s biggest landmarks like Times Square and The Statue of Liberty. It’s also conveniently located by The Beacon Theater, which hosts some of the biggest concerts and events year round in Manhattan.

The UWS is known for its varied cuisine as well, so you don’t have to go far from Hotel Belleclaire to experience what our city has to offer from a culinary point of view. Jacob’s Pickles, Bustan and Levain Bakery, all incredible foodie spots, are also closely located to this fantastic hotel spot.

Hotel Belleclaire also offers a fantastic breakfast to their residents if one chooses to dine within their property. Not only that, but there are several amenities included with your stay like a 24-hour fitness center, media lounge and more.

Hotel Belleclaire
Credit: Hotel Belleclaire

The rooms themselves vary in size, however all of them are sophisticated in their execution. The biggest suites to the smallest rooms there are wonderfully designed, making it a fun stay for any price point. I’m a sucker for a good wood floor, and the ones at Hotel Belleclaire add an interesting touch to a room that is already beautifully decorated. Quietness is a big thing for me too, so expect some true serenity the instant you check in (unless you have loud children, then good luck!)

Hotel Belleclaire also happens to be one of the oldest establishments in the city, as it was designed in 1903. That’s saying something if you are looking for a place with longevity and success, given how many places open and close here in an instant.

Overall, Hotel Belleclaire is a fabulous place to stay and one that I am looking forward to heading back to.

For more information on Hotel Belleclaire, please check out their official website.