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Citizens of UK are lucky to have a vast number of both online and land-based casinos. However, the challenge is to choose the best casinos with the most up to date payments and gambling methods.

This is why we have to put together a list of ten of the most popular casinos in the UK. This will help you choose the casino that meets your gambling needs perfectly. And don’t worry, whether you live in London, Edinburgh or somewhere in-between, this list has something to offer.

Genting International Casino

This is UK’s biggest casino capable of hosting approximately 2000 gamblers. The casino is built within a great entertainment complex which will suit all your needs. The casino features all different types of games with different stakes from low to high.

The establishment offers the most up-to-date technology on all the casino games, ensuring fairness and a great gaming experience. The standards offered by the casino are also top notch, making the customer’s experience enjoyable.

Genting Club Sheffield

This casino is fondly known as the jewel of north England and it caters to all the gambling needs of everyone. The casino prides itself in having one of the best roulette tables in the UK and roulette fans have more than 10 American roulette tables to choose from.

The gambling den has a variety of games including slot machines. It operates an online gambling platform where you can access from anywhere in the UK.

Hippodrome Casino London

The Hippodrome casino features three floors housing different types of games and approximately 20 different tables. New online casino at has more than 450 games such as roulette, video poker, and blackjack.

The casino offers a £250 bonus for all new members to their online casino platform. It provides live entertainment and a vast array of great delicacies served in its restaurant.

Aspers Stratford

This casino is different from the rest of the casinos in London and doesn’t require one to be a member. It’s open to everyone as it offers a vast array of casino games including blackjack, roulette, dice tables, Punto Banco tables, and three card poker tables.

The den also offers various prizes and promotions, increasing the chances of gamblers winning big. The casino prides itself in having approximately 150 slot machines. It’s also operated 24 hours a day.

The Casino at the Empire

This Vegas style casino offers gamblers a 24/7 gambling experience. It hosts regular tournaments in various games particularly poker.

The casino has different games for every mood and style making it one of the most versatile casinos in the UK. With easy access to the Carlsberg bar, the gambling den at the empire offers gamblers a full night filled with entertainment and pleasure.

Grosvenor Victoria Casino London

It’s a 24-hour casino open seven days a week. The casino offers a relatively smaller number of slot machines when compared to the rest. However, it has a great number of live game tables and 250 games with different themes.

The casino also hosts regular tournaments and the normal casual dress code but no short or sportwear are allowed into the premises.

The Genting Club Westcliff

This establishment offers a variety of games including poker and roulette. The games are available throughout the day so if you are visiting feel free to stop by anytime.

It charges no entrance fee but the main currency used inside is Sterling Pounds.

The Grosvenor Park Tower

This casino is located at one of the most iconic buildings in London. It features a vast array of tables and games. Besides, there are a number of bars and a restaurants with both modern European and Arabic cuisine.

Palm Beach Casino

If you have never played casino games before then this is the place to start your journey. The casino offers a Learn to play facility to get you up-to-speed or even make you a pro.

It’s managed by the Genting group which assures you of the quality and high standards of all the games. Some of the popular games offered by the casino are roulette, blackjack and Baccarat.

The Sportsman

This award-winning casino is close to the Grosvenor Victoria and it’s owned by the Caesars. The casino opens at 12 at noon and is closed at 6 in the morning. The casino also has an online platform where you can gamble.