Taco Dumbo
Credit: Taco Dumbo

Taco Dumbo, located in Pennsy Hall and throughout Manhattan, is nothing short of the delicious with the bevy of options available at your disposal.

Pennsy Hall hosts Taco Dumbo and many others like it for the busy Manhattanite on the go who want to spend their money on a quality lunch rather than something simple with no added value.

Taco Dumbo, which has multiple locations across NYC including Spring Street and W. 52, gives their fans an endless amount of taco and taco-related options to sink their mouths into. The best part is that each and every single item I tried with a friend recently was unbelievably satisfying and left me wanting more as the food kept coming.

Let’s start with the tacos as they are utmost importance. My two favorites, hands down, were from the meat and veggies department. Their Spiced Cauliflower and Beef Short Rib did the trick in both categories for the amount of flavor their chefs inject into each bite.

Credit: Taco Dumbo

If you are jonesing for a salad, they have you covered. Try their Taco or Sticky Rice Salad for a superb amount of ingredients and taste. The former comes with scrumptious options like grilled corn and grapefruit pickled onion that only enhances the overall dish. The latter brings fresh to a whole new level with their chickpeas, charred broccoli and more that make this an instant classic.

Sides are an essential part of any meal and Taco Dumbo’s are no exception. Feast on their yummy Mexican Street Corn Cup and Chicken Tortilla Soup for something out of this world before beginning the rest of your meal.

Finally Taco Dumbo has a great amount of alcoholic beverages for you to sip on during your tasty meal. Try their Watermelon Wave, which comes with watermelon, lime juice, mint club soda and mint for something refreshingly amazing. There’s many other cocktail options, beers and wines available as well.

Credit: Taco Dumbo

Overall Taco Dumbo is a great spot to stop in if you are in the mood for something purely tasty.

More information on Taco Dumbo can be found here.