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The economy is finally warming up after being frozen by the pandemic, but some businesses are still heavily affected. Online gambling operators and trusted bingo sites, including those offering bingo to enthusiastic players are weathering the storm better than their counterparts. However, land-based venues are struggling heavily to bring back their customers, in the wake of bingo halls reopening this summer. What was initially greeted as excellent news is likely to turn into a disaster, if the threat of a second lockdown comes to fruition.

Bracing for the second wave of Covid-19

The prospect of a second wave of coronavirus is frightening for business owners, the authorities and regular people alike. Experts strongly believe that the virus will hit back later this year and urge people and the government to properly prepare for the scenario. Under these circumstances, it looks increasingly likely that certain businesses will have to shut their doors once again and traditional UK bingo halls are among them. These places are fun to visit throughout the year, but because of the invisible threat posed by the Covid-19, people are reluctant to visit them often.

Currently there is no well-tested vaccine at the horizon and no solid reasons to expect one to be released in the foreseeable future. The idea of taking a leap of faith with an untested vaccine is just as dangerous, so people are not too enthusiastic about this scenario. People are slowly but surely coming to terms with the idea that the second wave is upon us, but they don’t know what to expect. Past performance suggests that the authorities will rush to close everything down at the first sign of trouble including bingo halls.

Are we better prepared this time?

The authorities bragged that they’ve learned their lesson and that they are now fully prepared for what’s coming our way. Increased testing capacity should help, but this will only facilitate the mission of identifying the infected ones. Officials claim that a second lockdown is the worst-case scenario and that they are diligently working towards avoiding it. The costs would be significant for the economy, so this is obviously a thing that should be avoided if possible, but there’s no guarantee this will happen.

The biggest problem for those who enjoy spending time in UK bingo halls is that these places are not exactly vital businesses. This means that even if only some of the companies will be forced to close their doors again, there’s a high probability for bingo halls to be on the list. While the authorities try to address the biggest rights for transmission of the virus, there are still plenty of unanswered questions. Until these are fully answered, the risk of a second lockdown is all too real and entertainment businesses are likely to be the most affected ones.

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