Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Edward S. Goldberg, MD

Edward S. Goldberg, MD is a board-certified, Manhattan-based physician in private practice. He completed his training at the prestigious Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 1993 and has been seeing patients in his Upper East Side office since that time. Philosophically, Dr. Goldberg believes in a natural approach to health whenever possible, though he is well versed in, and has a respect for, pharmaceutical intervention when necessary. Although he is a physician, he will often describe himself as a student of the human condition, and with 20 years of experience in patient care, he has developed an understanding of the multiple varieties of lifestyles and behaviors, which can lead to both conflict as well as satisfaction, individually, as well as in relationships. In addition to treating and preventing disease, Dr. Goldberg is very interested in helping patients achieve the highest possible quality of life on every possible level. He has observed that a significant area of health education and information lacking in the U.S. healthcare system relates to sexual health. Dr. Goldberg has committed himself to allowing his patients to explore any and all questions relating to their sexual health as a part of his practice. Your inquiries regarding any and all questions relating to relationships or sexuality are welcome for his consideration.