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East Coast to West Coast: 3 Fabulous Cities to Visit ASAP

Credit: National Harbor

There’s nothing wrong with getting out of the concrete jungle of Manhattan every once in a while. Yes, we live in a fantastic city, but there are so many others worth visiting especially with the warmer weather finally arriving.

‘Mary, Mary’ Tries Hard but Misses The Mark

Mary, Mary
Credit: Kyle Connolly

Mary, Mary, written in 1961 by Jean Kerr (husband of renowned theater critic Walter Kerr) has enjoys periodic restaging over the years, including this most recent run at the intimate lower Manhattan Gene Frankel Theatre.

Serve It Up: 4 Fabulous Places to Dine At This Spring

Credit: Roof at Park South

Manhattan is the best city in the world for food. There I said it. Any type of cuisine you want is available at all hours of the day in several parts of our humble abode. My recent culinary journeys have taken my taste buds all over the Big Apple and have left me feeling satisfied and happy at each place I’ve been to.

Everything You Need to Know About The Ultimate Slots

Credit: Pexels

The gambling world is in constant development. Casinos try to incorporate as many machines as possible to satisfy the different expectations of players from all over the world. You will discover that everything you can think of is right there on the market of online slots. But if you don’t want to waste time searching for the best options, this guide can help you. Here is everything you need to know about the ultimate slots that you can enjoy and how to make the most out of it!

Cantina Rooftop is The Place to be For Cinco de Mayo

Credit: Cantina Rooftop

One of the most colorful celebrations in the world, Cinco de Mayo, is fast approaching for many of our Manhattanites. One place that you should definitely go to for the major holiday that will leave you feeling happy you went is Cantina Rooftop, one of the most fabulous Mexican eateries in the city.

‘safeword.’ Explores Physical and Emotional Boundaries

Credit: Mati Gelman

Midnight Theatricals presents safeword., the newest work by playwright/director S. Asher Gelman (Afterglow).

‘Speakeasy Magick’ Deals a Deck of Intelligent, Grown-Up Tricks

Todd Robbins. credit: giafrese for The McKittrick Hotel

Drinks mix, fog billows, and strangers meet. They’ve all assembled at the Club Car in the McKittrick Hotel. At intimate tables of 10, pleasantries are exchanged and a sense of the unknown awaits. Soon, a charming, well-dressed man takes center stage. He is Todd Robbins, the host of Speakeasy Magick and he informs his skeptical audience of what to expect. “It’s a little like speed-dating,” he says.” A man will show up at your table for about 10-15 minutes and then he’ll leave and you’ll never see him again. Many ladies here can relate to the phenomenon,” he jokes. 

Halley Feiffer’s ‘The Pain of My Belligerence’ is a Stunner

Halley Feiffer and Hamish Linklater. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Dear Halley Feiffer,

On behalf of myself and my fellow men, I’d like to offer an apology. Not for who we are-as none of us had a choice in our gender when we were born-but for what we became. Your bold, thoughtful new play, The Pain of My Belligerence serves as a dire warning about the dangers of machismo. It also serves as an appeal to society: Let’s do better with our boys. We can mold them into strong, kind, and compassionate souls who respect others and aren’t afraid of emotional vulnerability. Or, we can continue to produce a virulent strain of hombres like Guy (Hamish Linklater), the ego-maniacal lothario who seduces your character, Cat, while married to Yuki (Vanessa Kai).

How AI Can Affect The iGaming Industry?


AI has been long in the works, and we see the incarnations all around us – Alexa, Boston Dynamics’ dog-like robots, phones, autonomous cars. AI is also beating world-famous players in their own fields; IBM’s Watson beat Jeopardy’s master class of players in 2011. Google’s AlphaGo defeated European Go champion Fan Hui in 2016.

Midtown’s Foundry Bar & Restaurant Continues to Impress

The Farm Pizza. Photo by Ryan Leeds

They used to shirk at skirt steak. “It was deemed a more inferior cut, chefs used to toss it out,” Chef Gregory Martin explained.