Happy Hump Day, all!  Lets jump right in with some yummy news, shall we?!


Jonathan Taylor Thomas(you know who he is, cute boy from Home Improvement) may be returning to the small screen.. He guest starred on Tim Allan’s show ‘Last Man Standing’ & who wouldn’t want a gorgeous man like this back on the television?? Swoon!!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Credit to: fandncarpenter.blogspot.com

John Mayer & Katy Perry have called it quits, again after about 7 months! I’m sad for them, them seems so in love.. Maybe a little time apart will make third time, a charm?  We can hold out hope!

John Mayer
Credit to:justjared.com

Eli Manning & his gorgeous wife, Abby, are expecting their second child!  This baby has got some great genes & like their first baby, will be absolutely gorgeous, not to mention some football skills, if anything like all the other Manning men!  Congratulations Manning family!

Eli Manning
Credit to:nypost.com