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As you may have guessed from our site, we believe Manhattan is a truly fascinating island which offers a huge number of diverse experiences. All of the different areas and districts have their own atmosphere and, whether you’re interested in culture, fashion or food, you are sure to find something you will love.

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If you know like I know, then you’re aware of how Hennessy throws a party. This time around a party was held in honor of the Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Bottle. Street artist- turned- art world marvel, JonOne is responsible for this new design.

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Fitness is important to us, both in and out of Manhattan, especially during the summertime when we are heading to the beach and want to look good in our bathing suits.  For fitness trainer, model and men’s physique competitor Evan Levy, it is more than just looking good… its a lifestyle for him that he is now turning into a full fledged business with his new line of apparel that he has recently developed with the name Driven Lifestyle Company.

Alice's Arbor
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I have to be honest in that we here at Manhattan Digest don’t go to Brooklyn too often, although there have been exceptions (Talde in Park Slope for instance).  Another great exception, which we just discovered the other night, is Alice’s Arbor, which is located right off the A/C Franklin Avenue stops at 549 Classon Avenue.  They are yet another highlight of how great farm-to-table can really be, as they excel in modern American cuisine done in a fun and friendly setting.

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Dos Toros recently opened up their 13th location here in Manhattan, furthering their strength as one of the best taquerias this city has to offer.  On the heel of that news, they have just announced a super fun contest where the winner of it will receive free burritos for a year!  You heard me… FREE BURRITOS FOR A YEAR!  Madness will ensue, I guarantee it.

375° Thrice Cooked Fries
Credit: 375° Thrice Cooked Fries

The Lower East Side is one of our favorite places for peculiar food adventures. On every corner there are cute spots filled with all kinds of cuisines or novelty food experiences.  This includes the salty potato delicacy known as french fries.  Enter in… 375° Thrice Cooked Fries.  

Spa Castle
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Living in and around Manhattan can be incredibly stressful, especially on the body.  It is good that at least once a month we indulge ourselves in something that will be us feel better physically and spiritually.  Spa Castle, in College Point, Queens, is the perfect example of the “Treat Yo Self” mentality in that it provides an incredible amount of amenities to enjoy and recharge your batteries in doing so.

Phoebe Lapine
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Phoebe Lapine is not a buzzkill. She’s not interested in taking pleasure from your life. Nor is she going to judge you if you order one more drink or eat another brownie. Her goal is health- for herself —and for you.

Manhattan Aesthetics

In New York City facials come a dime a dozen, and guess what?  I don’t mind trying them all. There is always some unique beauty trend popping up to amuse the complex needs of everyone’s skin. The Collagen Bar, located at their new space on 6 East 39th Street inside Manhattan Aesthetics, knows exactly what we crave which is why they’re taking facials to the next level.

Treadwell Park
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Treadwell Park, one of the Upper East Side’s newest gems and a great place to eat while enjoying some games and fun, has introduced a limited time Summer Farmhouse Fresh Menu to its audience.  Available until July 25th, this menu boasts some fantastic hearty plates with ales that draw references locally and internationally at the same time.