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Review: One More Weekend for ‘One Thousand Nights and One Day’

One Thousand Nights and One Day. a postmodern musical fantasia PHOTO CREDIT - Richard Termine

Marisa Michelson may well be one of the most exciting composers working in musical theater today. New York magazine praised Tamar of the River, her last Off-Broadway work, calling it “one of the most extraordinary scores in years.”

The Rag Trader’s Delicious Brunch Will Be Your Next Foodie Destination

Rag Trader
Credit: Gabi Porter

The Rag Trader might just become your newest brunch hotspot, as its convenient location, fun atmosphere and delicious food will have you coming back for more, more, more.

A Manhattanite in Butler County, Ohio: What to Do?

Butler County
Credit: Gaylon Wampler

In our final part of our travel series in Butler County, Ohio, we will give you some fantastic things to do outside of eating and shopping.  And there are quite a lot that involve everything from art to movies and so much more.

Celebrate National Pretzel Day with Auntie Anne’s!

National Pretzel Day
Credit: Auntie Anne's

National Pretzel Day is right around the corner, April 26th (this Thursday), and if there is one place to celebrate this deliciously doughy day with, it’s Auntie Anne’s.  You know them, you love them, you grab one of their pretzels dogs or nuggets in and out of Penn Station as they are one of your guiltiest pleasures out there, and they are doing something extra special for their biggest holiday of the year in order to get you to enjoy them that much more.

Inspiration is Key for The Tyler Robinson Foundation

Tyler Robinson Foundation
Credit: Tyler Robinson Foundation

The latest project to be headlined by the Tyler Robinson Foundation, an organization that’s sole mission is to help families suffering from pediatric cancer, is a highly ambitious cross-country tour. Simply titled Operation: Road Trip, the project will see members of the foundation driving along the east coast to a variety of hospitals where they will award hefty grants and share stories to affected families. While similar to a bike campaign that the foundation sponsored in 2015 (referred to as CanCo), this year’s road trip plans on taking it to a much higher level. 

Theater Review: ‘Summer’ is Murder on the Dance Floor

Donna Summer
The cast of SUMMER. Photo by Joan Marcus

A critique of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, utilizing several musical numbers and selected lyrics from the show:

Isaac Mizrahi, Cecily Strong & More Attend ASPCA Bergh Ball

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 19: Honorees Laura Zambelli Barket, Cecily Strong, Mindy Fortin and ASPCA President and CEO Matthew Bershadker attend the 21st Annual Bergh Ball hosted by the ASPCA at The Plaza Hotel on April 19, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for ASPCA)

The Plaza Hotel played host for the ASPCA’s 21st Annual Bergh Ball, with guests that included major stars like designer Isaac Mizrahi, Saturday Night Live star Cecily Strong and more.

Theater Review: ‘The Lucky Ones’: Pain Set to Music With a Hopeful Coda

The Lucky Ones
Photo by Sara Krulwich

Teenage angst is nothing new in musical theatre. From Hair to Rent, Spring Awakening, American Idiot, and Dear Evan Hansen, the younger crowd has been thrusting, thrashing, building, and trashing nearly everything in their wake.

Urbanspace @ 570 Lex Blends Variety & Culinary in a Beautiful Way

Credit: Urbanspace NYC

A growing trend that continues to blossom in Manhattan is what is commonly referred to as food halls.  Over the course of the past couple of years, several have emerged and have enjoyed a great amount of success in doing so, as the ability to provide a variety of culinary styles all under one roof has pleased thousands of Manhattanites in their everyday commute.  Urbanspace @ 570 Lex happens to be one of them, and here’s why.

Old-Friend Chat n’ Chew Makes a Welcome Return

Chat n' Chew
Credit: Chat n' Chew

Too often we hear of New York institutions disappearing into memory and being recalled fondly at parties when reuniting with old friends.  “Remember when” and “things were different then” pop up in conversations and we always wonder “what happened?”  Well, on April 19th, one of my fondest memories is having a triumphant revival and I couldn’t be more pleased. Chat n’ Chew is back and sharing its “finer dinering” experience!