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Finger Licking Good: The 3 Best Barbecue Joints in Manhattan

Credit: Virgil's Real Barbecue

Are your taste buds craving nothing but a good pile of some delicious barbecue? Are you from an area that serves some of the best barbecue around, but you haven’t been able to find it in The Big Apple?  Well fear not, because we have you covered (in sauce).  Here are three delicious barbecue spots you should hit up with your bib and a smile ready. 

The One Major Lesson I’ve Learned From Interviewing Famous People

Famous People
Credit: Ryan Shea

I have had the great fortune, over the past couple of years, to interview people I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet.  Whether it was for Manhattan Digest, or one of the other wonderful publications I have written for, it has given me an opportunity to connect with famous people who I have admired for so many years up to this point.  There is one major lesson, however, that I have learned from each and everyone of them, and this lesson can resonate with anyone no matter what their profession is.

DOMA Land and Sea is Well Worth the Trip to Cedarhurst in Long Island

DOMA Land and Sea
Credit: DOMA Land and Sea

Manhattanites should never fear leaving their own territory to experience something super delicious.  Yes, NYC has some of the best food in the world, but so does it’s buddy to the east named Long Island.  DOMA Land and Sea is one of those fabulous spots that are well worth the trip from NYC (30 minutes or less by car, 45 minutes by train) as you will find yourself completely stuffed upon your exit.

Acqua Restaurant’s Fresh Italian Cuisine Lights Up South Street Seaport

Acqua Restaurant
Credit: Acqua Restaurant

It takes a lot for any sort of restaurant to be called “one of a kind” nowadays, as it seems like so many spots tend to copy off one another or there are too many similarities that could offset any place for being truly unique.  Acqua Restaurant, however, can hold that notion of being one of a kind as they are the only seafood spot in Manhattan where you can enjoy raw seafood and fish imported directly from Italy daily.

Celebrating Dental Awareness Month All Month Long with Dr. Marc Lazare!

Dental Awareness Month

Who knew February was Dental Awareness Month?! Don’t feel bad, I’m sure there are plenty of you who were not aware. This is why Manhattan Digest is here to keep our fellow New Yorkers in the loop!

Rejoice: Where are The Best Spots to Celebrate National Margarita Day?

National Margarita Day
Credit: Virgil's Real BBQ

National Margarita Day is one week away on February 22nd, and several hotspots in Manhattan want you to stop on by to see what sort of delicious versions of the popular drink they have in store for you. Proceed with caution, and make sure the rim is salted.

Harlem Shake Introduces Special ‘Black Panther’ Combo & So Much More

Harlem Shake
Credit: Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake is one of those rare gems that is a fun place to visit no matter what time of year.  Located on Lenox Avenue between 123rd and 124th street, it is the epitome of classic meets modern as it prides itself on being one of the best casual burger joints in the city.  Starting today, Harlem Shake is introducing a delicious special that correlates with the premiere of the highly anticipated film Black Panther, that you’ll definitely want to experience for yourself either before or after you see the movie.

Travel Idea! Why Thailand is the Gateway to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia
Credit: Brandon Schultz

Southeast Asia has long inspired fantasies of jungle treks, ruins of ancient civilizations, dazzling temples, and drool-worthy street food in far-flung villages. Intrepid explorers have enjoyed these very real treasures for centuries, but today even casual travelers can experience the exotic region thanks to the concerted efforts of Thailand to make the area more accessible. Southeast Asia comprises ten nations in total, but it’s Thailand’s tireless internal improvements to infrastructure, public health, safety, and hospitality that have created a glittering gateway to a land previously inaccessible to many. Manhattan Digest was recently invited to experience a jaunt through Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand, and here are a few of the pro tips we learned to make your adventure more meaningful.

Chinese Dry Pot Heads North: MáLà Project Opens Bryant Park Location!

MáLà Project
Credit: MáLà Project

Sometimes, you can’t keep a good idea or concept down.  MáLà Project, the East Village hotspot known for its creative cuisine called Chinese Dry Pot, has officially open its second location today in the heart of Bryant Park!

Art of Food Recap: Imagine Experiencing Art With Your Tongue

Art of Food
Credit: Our Town

Art of Food, produced by the newspaper Our Town, had its third annual event at Sotheby’s in the Upper East Side on Saturday night. Local restaurants and bakeries are challenged to create tasting dishes inspired by pieces of art in the current Sotheby’s collection. Each table has tastings and a picture of the art that inspired them when you can’t see the originals through the massive crowd.  Art of Food is unique because good food is made to be art and rarely to be inspired by art.