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The Shake and Burger Bar Sweetens Things Up in Kips Bay

The Shake and Burger Bar
Credit: The Shake and Burger Bar

The Shake and Burger Bar, located in Kips Bay on 3rd avenue between 25th and 26th street, is a “no musk, no fuss” type of place to go to if you are looking for classic American dishes to enjoy in a comfortable setting.

Scampi’s Southern Italian Lunch Menu Lights Up Flatiron

Credit: Evan Sung

Scampi, which is located in the heart of the Flatiron district on W. 18th street between 5th and 6th avenue, may just be one of the best foodie spots in that area as its Southern Italian menu of sorts is top notch for your taste buds to enjoy.

Vulture Festival NY is Back! See The Official Lineup Here

Vulture Festival
Credit: Vulture

One of the most star-studded festivals to hit Manhattan this summer will no double be Vulture Festival NY, which is taking place this weekend on the 19th and the 20th. If you aren’t in the mood to watch the royal wedding taking place across the pond, then you are definitely going to want to attend at least one of these events that feature some A-list celebs including Wendy Williams, Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and more.

Why I Love Grilling: My Delicious Recipe for Marinated Skirt Steak

Marinated Skirt Steak
Credit: Jonathan Bardzik

Close your eyes and think of the perfect backyard cook out. Ice cold beer, fresh summer veggies, rich cuts of meat, hot and charred, the smell of hardwood charcoal smoldering and the laughter of your best friends as you hang watching those steaks or chicken thighs cook on the grill.

New York Deaf Theatre Celebrates its 38th Season With ‘Maple and Vine’

New York Deaf Theatre
Credit: Conrado Johns

I was born clinically deaf. My mother, a nurse and homemaker, needed a solution to protect my hearing aids,  transistors and wires from my tiny, inquisitive hands. She designed a little blue jacket for me to wear on which she sewed two small, strategically placed pockets onto the back of my shoulders; into these she put the transistors, and, after crossing the wires behind my neck so I couldn’t reach them, she topped off my towhead with a matching blue “bonnet” to cover my ears, again to keep the hearing aids out of reach from my wandering fingers. There’s not a picture of me before the age of two where I’m not wearing this dandy little outfit.

Victoria Clark Seduces with Song in ‘Wanderland’

Victoria Clark in Wanderland. Photo courtesy of Marmalade LLC.

Stage and screen star Victoria Clark is like a prettier version of the energizer bunny. Between acting, writing, and directing, the Tony Award winner continues to reinvent and challenge herself with dynamic projects.

Ben & Jack’s Prix Fixe Raises the ‘Steaks’ for Midtown East Dining

Ben & Jack's
Credit: Benvenuti PR.

The sun is finally out. Shorts are the attire du jour and flip-flops are in fashion. There is no better time to fire up the gas grill, mosey onto your porch and throw a slab of beef over the coals.

LMHQ Exemplifies Women’s Empowerment Through Their Monthly Breakfast Series

Credit: LMHQ

Lower Manhattan Headquarters, also known as LMHQ, is a community of thoughtful leaders who created a space for other leaders across many industries. This is the ideal location for creatives to collaborate and learn from each other through thought-provoking conversations. With a space so vital to creatives, one can imagine the type of amenities available to their members.

Varla Jean Merman Whips New York into Shape with ‘Wonder Merman’

Varla Jean Merman as Scarlett O'Hara. Photo courtesy of Varla Jean Merman.

It takes more than a village to raise a drag queen. It takes an entire county. Or, at least it did on Friday night May 4th, when the larger than life Varla Jean Merman cast her womanly spell at The Green Room 42 in Midtown.

How Gym+Coffee Can Help You With Your Busy Manhattan Lifestyle

Credit: Gym+Coffee

If you’ve been living under a rock then it would be no surprise that you’re not aware of the tremendous influence the health and wellness industry has on our lives. Remember the days when going to the gym was dreadful, now it’s a past time that people do with friends and family as a way to stay connected.