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Why Plado Tasting Bar in The East Village is Worth The Trip Downtown

Plado Tasting Bar
Credit: Plado Tasting Bar

It was awful out. Two weeks back on a Wednesday evening I made it down to the East Village through a harrowing storm out of a Bram Stoker novel to Plado Tasting Bar. What followed was anything but a delightful respite from the torrential mood booming outside.

Keen Company’s ‘Molly Sweeney’ Offers Visions of Profound Measure


“Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  The quote, from Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s The Little Prince, could well summarize the feelings of the title character in Brian Friel’s Molly Sweeney.

Mary-Louise Parker & Will Hochman Shine in ‘The Sound Inside’


If you’re wanting a loud, splashy spectacle with all the substance of cotton candy, you won’t find it at Studio 54. If, however, you’re seeking a quiet and thoughtful play that gently reels you in for a compelling 90 minutes, you’ve come to the right place.

Blue Circle Foods and The Lobster Place Team Up To Gift The World With Delicious Salmon!

Blue Circle Foods
Credit: Blue Circle Foods

What really makes for good salmon? In fact, perhaps a better question might be this: What qualifies as edible salmon? Seafood lovers may be shocked to hear that very frequently, served salmon hosts a plethora of undesirable artificial chemicals in them such as antibiotics and growth hormones. These features can be problematic, especially for those that eat a pescatarian diet for health reasons, which is why Blue Circle Foods is so dedicated towards serving fish in not just the healthiest way possible, but the most sustainable way.

Pulitzer and Tony Award Winners Unite for Words on Dance

Andy Blankenbuehler. Photo courtesy of Words on Dance.

Two prolific voices in the dance world united on Monday evening on the Leonard Nimoy Thalia stage of Symphony Space. Three-time Tony Award-winning choreographer Andy Blankenbuehler joined Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Sarah L. Kaufman to discuss his career, his technique, and approach.

‘The Wrong Man’ Combines Old Fashioned Plot with Modern Themes

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Lost the Hamilton lottery again? Take heart. Steps away from Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theater (home to the mega-show), is Off Broadway’s sparkling new MCC Theater where a similar musical resides through November 17th.

Roots of Italy Project Reconnects Italian Immigrants to their Homeland

Roots of Italy
View of the town of Positano from terrace with flowers, Amalfi Coast, Italy

So many Americans want to learn a foreign language, but few have the time or discipline to sustain ongoing classes. Domenico Sannino understands. Recently, the CEO of Italy Emotion T.O. was in New York City to introduce the “Roots of Italy” project. Its purpose is to introduce or refresh Italian Americans to their native roots through intensive language courses–all in the splendor and beauty of Italy.

Chlorophyll Water is Fresh, Delicious, Innovative and More

Chlorophyll Water
Credit: Chlorophyll Water

Manhattanites love their bottled water. You can’t go a block without seeing someone downing one as they make their way to their next daily task. Chlorophyll Water is sure to be the brand on everyone’s lip as it has been making a big impact on the F&B department in recent months for more reasons than one.

Here’s Why The Escape Game Provides Fun for Everyone

The Escape Game
Credit: The Escape Game

I ducked into The Escape Game after a VERY rainy walk on a Wednesday evening. At first, I was surprised at how open and professional The Escape Game is. The lobby is right off the street and well lit.

Amylos Taverna’s Scrumptious Greek Cuisine Delights in Astoria

Amylos Taverna
Credit: Amylos Taverna

Want to take a quick trip outside New York City proper for something amazing? Amylos Taverna provides scrumptious Greek cuisine in an upscale setting to all its customers in the heart of Astoria, Queens.