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Omakasa Deliciously Opens Their New Location on Spring Street

Credit: Omakasa

The fast casual concept continues to be on the rise in New York City, as many Manhattanites are opting to spend their money at places where fresh ingredients reign supreme over the conglomerate ones that are stuffing up our area. Omakasa, a spot that thrives on authentic Asian cuisine available to you within minutes of ordering, just opened their second location on Spring Street to the delight of many that have enjoyed it so far.

Vatan’s Indian Vegetarian Fare is Beyond Scrumptious

Credit: Vatan

I have to admit this: vegetarian cuisine and me have never been the best of friends. Sure, I’ll say hello every once in a while but they aren’t exactly my most frequented text option when it comes to the kind of food that I eat. Vatan, located in Kips Bay (and or Midtown East), changed my mind on how delicious this type of food can be, as its Indian flare that is added to the mix only propelled the overall experience.

Spencer Day Returns to The Green Room 42 This Friday

Spencer Day
Photo courtesy of Dan Fortune Creative.

Vocal jazz fans and aficionados of handsome men have somewhere to go this weekend.

Where to Eat for New York City Summer Restaurant Week

New York City Summer Restaurant Week
Credit: Beauty & Essex

New York City Summer Restaurant Week is 10 days away, beginning on July 23rd and going all the way to August 17th. That gives you plenty of time to experience several different hotspots who are pulling out all the stops for this once a year experience. So sit down, get your bib on, and get ready to devour the delicious food at the following locations.

Stay Cool in the Big Apple With These Frosty Summer Delights

Credit: Pondicheri

Are you looking for a unique spin on a frosty, summer treat that goes outside ordering from a simple ice cream truck? Several restaurants in and around the Big Apple are looking to cool you down over the next couple of months with these delicious delights for you to devour!

‘That’s Not Tango- Astor Piazzolla, A Life in Music’ is a Tantalizing Treat

Astor Piazzolla
Photo courtesy of BR Public Relations

On a recent Saturday afternoon in June, I begrudgingly trudged downtown to SubCulture, the intimate, posh venue housed at 45 Bleecker Street. It was one of the first gorgeous days of spring that New Yorkers had the opportunity to savor and I regretted my decision to spend it in a dark basement with Astor Piazzolla.

Several Stars Attend RFTP’s Opening Atop POD BK Hotel

Credit: Akeno Lopez

Pod BK Hotel, located off the L train at 247 Metropolitan Avenue, was THE place to be last night as they opened their fabulous rooftop bar called RFTP.

Tang Hotpot is Modern Chinese Cuisine Done in an Expert Way

Tang Hotpot
Credit: Tang Hotpot

Tang Hotpot is unlike anything I have ever had in New York City and beyond. It’s something that I would like to try again, although to be quite honest I had a hard time figuring out the ins and outs of the entire process prior to putting all of the extraordinarily delicious ingredients in one bowl.

Review: Ben Strothmann’s ‘Coming Clean’ at the 4th Annual QUEERLY Festival

Ben Strothmann
Credit: Steven Fontas

One of Ben Strothmann’s earliest NYC memories is when his voice teacher tells him, “Ben, you are living your life in a constant state of reaction to people and things around you. You’re not an authentic person.

Vandal’s New Double IPA Burger is Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Credit: TAO Group/Michael Boyle

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Lower East Side hotspot Vandal has introduced a brand new Double IPA Burger… and its f***ing awesome.