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So Fancy! 3 Fab NYC Dining Experiences You Can Enjoy At Home

Credit: Nerai

Want to experience something 5-stars from the comfort of your own home? Some of the most amazing places in NYC are providing that kind of experience amid all of us being stuck inside.

Drink Up! 3 Amazing Restaurants Bringing Happy Hour To Your Doorstep

Happy Hour
Credit: Fornino

Are you looking for a happy hour kind of vibe from the comfort of your own home? Many New York City restaurants have found a way of making that happen amid many of us being in self-isolation by delivering specially priced drinks to your doorstep!

Pretty Ricky’s is a Delightfully Tasty Spot in the Lower East Side

Pretty Ricky's
Credit: Pretty Ricky's

Pretty Ricky’s is a neighborhood friendly joint in the Lower East Side serving delicious burgers and more tasty treats for you to enjoy. And yes, folks, they are open for delivery just like many other amazing restaurants in New York City now (think local, eat local) amid the growing Coronavirus pandemic.

The Melody of Marriage: An Interview with Annastasia Victory & Michael O. Mitchell


“How Do You Keep the Music Playing?” the 1982 song written by husband and wife team Alan and Marilyn Bergman has become an anthem for keeping the joy in long-term relationships. For Annastasia Victory, a Russian-born pianist and her husband, Michael O. Mitchell, the song is quite literal.

10 NYC Restaurants to Order From Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Credit: Brooklyn Chop House

Now is the time to support your local restaurants amid them being shut down due to the growing Coronavirus pandemic. Many of the best spots in NYC are offering some wonderful options to order from so you can still enjoy all they have to offer from the comfort of your own home. Oh and a word to all my fellow Manhattanites: We will get through this.

Hungry For More? Here’s 4 Amazing Restaurants to Visit This Spring

Credit: Hortus NYC

Who doesn’t enjoy trying out something new to eat, especially in such a diverse culinary city like NYC? Look no further as we are providing you with 4 amazing restaurants that are worth the trip to for all things delicious this coming spring and beyond. Get your bib ready folks because these places are bound to become a favorite of yours very soon.

Ed’s Lobster Bar Celebrates 13 Yummy Years in SoHo

Ed's Lobster Bar
Credit: Ed's Lobster Bar

It’s a pretty amazing feat when you find longevity in New York City from a business perspective. The restaurant scene, known to be one of the best of in the world, often has a major turnover rate where some of the best hotspots can’t find a way to stay open. Ed’s Lobster Bar, located in SoHo, has been able to overcome that obstacle with 13 successful years in the same place. Not too shabby indeed.

So Tasty! Seltzer Land Kickoff Party Invades New York City Hotspot Slate

Seltzer Land
Credit: Constance Faulk

Slate, one of Manhattan’s best spots to party the night away at, hosted an amazing party on Tuesday, March 10, that centered around Corona Hard Seltzer’s upcoming festival called Seltzer Land that included a variety of their delicious drinks, food, and so much more!

‘Girl From the North Country’ Spins an Endless Yarn

Photo by Matthew Murphy

I should have cared. I should have been fully invested in the depression era tale about Nick Laine (Jay O. Sanders), his wife, Elizabeth (Mare Winningham), and the visitors that inhabit their Duluth, Minnesota boarding house.  And yet, after 2 1/2 seemingly endless hours at the Belasco Theatre, all I really cared about was leaving.