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Chappy Invites You to Find Mr. Right… Or Mr. Right Now

Credit: Chappy

There are a myriad of apps out there with one simple mission- find the right guy or girl for you at that moment in your thought process.  The problem with this is that sometimes it can be hard to navigate the type you are looking for throughout the app, causing it to become frustrating and almost want to give up on finding what you are looking for.  Luckily, a new app called Chappy solves those problems and then some and is poised to be the next big app for gay men to find what they want when they want, in and out of Manhattan. 

The DL Threw a Massive Party to Celebrate Five Years in Business

Credit: The DL

The DL celebrated its 5th Anniversary on a perfect August evening in Manhattan last night.  Hundreds turned out to toast the occasion while sipping on frozen cocktails and indulging in passed sliders, coconut shrimp and grilled vegetable skewers courtesy of Dinner on Ludlow.  DJ Chris Willard’s music got revelers on the dance floor and guests also got to send photo and videos from the night into space and time courtesy of Incubate’s Future Booth, which was brought to the rooftop for the special occasion.

Travel Idea! The Lincoln Inn & Restaurant in Woodstock, Vermont

Lincoln Inn
Credit: Lincoln Inn & Restaurant

If you are looking for a fun getaway before the summer ends that gets you out of the madness that is Manhattan for a couple of days, then I would definitely recommend heading up north to New England.  A state that I have only visited once before became my destination on my latest travel series for Manhattan Digest, where I stopped by the enchanting and wonderful Lincoln Inn & Restaurant in Woodstock, Vermont.

Old Habits Are Dying Hard: The Death of Browser-Based Games?

Credit: OldSchool RuneScape via Facebook

Do you remember Homestar Runner, RuneScape and Newgrounds? Think back to the days where browser-based gaming rivaled its console counterparts. Days where games didn’t necessarily have to have a storyline to be fun – back to the days where all you had to do was click the mouse and keep a plane from crashing. They were simpler times for sure, but, as it turns out, they haven’t really disappeared, they’ve just moved over to the mobile platform. This has taken a generation that grew up with all of these games and has given them the power to play anywhere.

The New York Jets Showcase Fun & Interesting Offerings at Upfronts

New York Jets
Credit: Ryan Shea

I have always been a bigger fan of the New York Jets than their counterpart (no shade), so naturally I was delighted that I got to spend the day at Met Life Stadium inside the VIP Toyota Club section to celebrate their 2017 Upfronts.  The organization put their best culinary, technology and gameday faces forward where they unveiled what will be new for this football season.

Where to Go to Celebrate National Rum Day Today!

National Rum Day
Credit: Caroline Alduey

August 16th marks yet another interesting holiday as today is National Rum Day! There are several restaurants participating, so which ones should you go to?  We have found a list of 20 that are doing all that they can to celebrate National Rum Day in all of its sweet and delicious glory.

Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails Provides an Epic Brunch in a Chic Setting

Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails
Credit: Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails

I became aware of Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails through an article I did about the best brunch spots you may not have heard of (see here).  The nearly two year old location has become a bright spot in the Kips Bay area of Manhattan, and after salivating over some of the brunch items that I saw they serve, I knew that I had to hop on the 6 train down there to see what all the fuss was about.  Boy, was I glad that I went.

Rapper Hunit Stackz Brilliantly Blends Hip-Hop & Anime Together

Hunit Stackz
Credit: @mikelovemadeit

Rapper Hunit Stackz has done something that even this somewhat “jaded” music writer has never thought of before.  He has taken his love of hip-hop music and mixed it together with state of the art anime to produce the Saiyan Music Regime, something that he is the CEO of with producer and co-founder Ace Boogie.  After being in the industry for a decade, with some pretty great accolades, Hunit Stackz has just released his most artistic effort yet called “The Black Saiyan Saga”, which he promotes as the first ever DBZ rap album.

Great Tricks to Making Custom Infusions in Your Manhattan Abode

Credit: Pinnacle® Vodka

As great as it is go to out in Manhattan, there is also nothing wrong with staying inside your beautiful apartment and entertaining your guests.  One item that should always be on your “must” list when being a host or hostess for a party is some sort of alcohol, and what better than to be able to create your own homemade, custom infusions to impress your guests?

Gotham West Market Takes the Food Court Concept to Another Level

Gotham West Market
Credit: Gotham West Market Facebook Page

Gotham West Market is on trend for so many different reasons, the primary one being the elevated food court in which they have become known for.  This concept is popping up all over Manhattan, yet the ones that I have tried in the past (see here), tend to be a bit crowded and congested upon arrival.  Gotham West Market on the other hand is spacious and presents a fun and colorful environment where even the pickiest of eaters will find something that they will love to eat and come back for time and time again.