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Refinery Rooftop’s Endless Summer Soirée Finishes the Season in Style

Refinery Rooftop
Credit: Refinery Rooftop

It’s the end of summer and if you are like me, you’re gonna want to cling to the last days of sunshine, shorts, and rose.

Woodstock Film Festival Promises Great Time for Cinema Addicts

Woodstock Film Festival
Filmmakers and Festival Co-Founder/Executive Director Meira Blaustein at the 19th Annual Woodstock Film Festival Launch Party at Tuttles Bar & Grill. Credit: johnmazlishfineart.com

While this year’s New York Film Festival offers a promising lineup of new films from directors like The Coen Brothers, Alfonso Cuarón, and Claire Denis, cinephiles will find another niche and low-key film festival just two hours upstate. Currently in its 19th year, The Woodstock Film Festival will be held from October 10th-14th this year, and will feature over one hundred films, including feature length narratives and documentaries, as well as shorts. It will even be presenting the directorial debut by Paul DanoWildlife, as a centerpiece film, which has been a festival darling since it premiered at Sundance this January.

Finding Ashley Stewart’s 2nd Annual Contest Was A Major Success

Credit: Getty

Fashion is a language that is universal for everyone, however inclusivity has not always been in that definition. More and more we are starting to see brands recognize and showcase people that are more diverse in many ways… and are loving it in the process!

Yum! Planet Fitness Sponsors 9th Annual New York City Pizza Run

Planet Fitness
Credit: ICR Inc

Sunday is a day for rest, relaxation, brunch and the occasional 5K race that you must complete with a slice of pizza. Tons of people lined the streets of Brooklyn yesterday for the 9th annual New York City Pizza Run that was sponsored by Planet Fitness. Yum.

Kellari Taverna’s Scrumptious Greek Cuisine Dazzles in Midtown West

Credit: Kellari

Kellari Taverna is a great example of why every Manhattanite needs to visit Midtown West, as the location itself is gorgeous and the Greek cuisine that is served within it can only be described as absolutely delectable.

Sall Restaurant & Lounge Needs Some Tweaking Before They Can Become Stellar

Sall Restaurant & Lounge
Credit: Sall Restaurant & Lounge

Hell’s Kitchen’s newest neighbor is called Sall Restaurant & Lounge, a seafood-centric New American cuisine spot located on 10th avenue between between 54th and 55th street. After stopping by there last weekend with a friend, I realized that this is a place that needs to make a couple of adjustments before they can call themselves a “hotspot” to dine in.

Brine Chicken Introduces Us to A Yummy New Phrase: ‘Fast Fine Dining’

Brine Chicken
Credit: Brine Chicken

Brine Chicken, located in the heart of Chelsea on 8th Avenue between 15th and 16th street, has coined a new phrase that matches perfectly with the type of food they are putting out: “Fast Fine Dining”.

Why Marilyn Michaels Won’t Slave Over A Stove


Marilyn Michaels can impersonate numerous celebrities but Julia Child isn’t one of them–at least not when it comes to the late chef’s culinary prowess. “When it comes to cooking, I just can’t stand on my feet and do it. I hate it so much!”, she said in a recent phone interview with Manhattan Digest. “I guess I’m better at it than I let on but who cares?”, she added.  “Who gives a sh**? I really don’t care. By the time I finish cooking something, I’ve lost my appetite. That’s the best diet I know. That’s all. There are so many things I’d rather do like work on the book.”

Major Stars Come Out For TV Personality Josh McBride’s 31st Birthday

Josh McBride
Credit: Teddy Adolphe

TV personality Josh McBride was surrounded and showered by a bunch of celebrity love on Saturday night as some major stars came out to help him celebrate his 31st birthday.

One on One with Pop Star on the Rise Mariel Darling

Mariel Darling
Credit: Mariel Darling Facebook

Mariel Darling could be one of many things in the entertainment industry: a singer, actress, model and more. What’s even better is that she isn’t just another person trying to make it in Hollywood… she’s the real deal and can easily be the next big thing in the next few months.