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Halley Feiffer’s ‘The Pain of My Belligerence’ is a Stunner

Halley Feiffer and Hamish Linklater. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Midtown’s Foundry Bar & Restaurant Continues to Impress

The Farm Pizza. Photo by Ryan Leeds

They used to shirk at skirt steak. “It was deemed a more inferior cut, chefs used to toss it out,” Chef Gregory Martin explained.

Southern Italian Cuisine Done Right at Il Gattopardo in Midtown West

Il Gattopardo
Credit: Il Gattopardo

I’m never one to turn down anything related to Italian food. I feel like I should have a ravioli named after me at this point given the tons of pasta I’ve ingested over my lifetime. Il Gattopardo is another fabulous example of Italian cuisine… but with a twist that involves the usage ancient grains in their dishes that take everything they make to a whole new culinary level.

Leyla in the Upper West Side Perfects What Turkish Cuisine Should Be

Credit: Leyla

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never tried Turkish cuisine before. Maybe once, but it’s hard to remember. Now I feel like I’m making up for lost time after experiencing one of the best foodie spots I’ve had in a long time at Leyla in the Upper West Side, who perfect what this kind of cooking is all about.

Yum! The 3rd Annual Food Truck Fest Takes Places This Saturday

Credit: NYC Food Truck Fest

Food trucks have become all the rage in New York City over the past decade. Many Manhattanites are forgoing the traditional restaurant experience for their favorite street vendors who serve them some delectable culinary delights from the inside of their colorful vehicles. The 3rd Annual Food Truck Fest will be celebrating all of that and then some tomorrow, April 13. Read on for all the details.

Singer-Songwriter Penelope Robin Talks Finding Success at a Young Age

Penelope Robin
Credit: PenelopeRobin.com

Singer-songwriter Penelope Robin is on her way to becoming the next big thing at a very young age. She’s only 11 and has already reached millions of views on her YouTube channel and thousands on her social media pages. Should JoJo Siwa and others around her be concerned that she’s about to take their spotlight (wink wink)?

Victor De Souza Debuts New Lipstick Line at Cos Bar

Victor de Souza
Credit: Patrick McMullan

Last month, I got to experience a taste of how the other half lives. I was invited to Victor De Souza’s launch of his new lipstick line at the swanky makeup store Cos Bar.

Scarpetta in NoMad’s Sunday Brunch is Simply Delectable

Credit: Scarpetta

Brunch in NYC is one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday! As someone who has lived here for 8 years I have, of course, my favorite go to spots. I’m not a huge drinker so the “all you can drink mimosa brunches” are somewhat lost on me.  What I tend to seek is flavorful food, a cool ambiance, and sometimes entertainment.

Melt Shop is the Perfect Spot for National Grilled Cheese Day

Melt Shop
Credit: Melt Shop

Grilled Cheese lovers unite! National Grilled Cheese Day takes place tomorrow, Friday April 12. One place in particular, Melt Shop, is going above and beyond to ensure that you enter with a hungry mindset and leave with a smile on your face.

Vineyard Theatre’s ‘Do You Feel Anger?’ is a Cautionary Toxic Tale

Tiffany Villarin, Megan Hill, Ugo Chukwu, Justin Long.Photo by Carol Rosegg.

Sofia (Tiffany Villarin) “once taught a broker without tear ducts how to cry out of his mouth.”  Certainly this earnest corporate coach can soften the hearts of the bad boys at Cash Flow Accounts, right? Not likely considering that Jordan (Ugo Chukwu), Howie (Justin Long) and their boss, Jon (Greg Keller) think that empathy is a type of bird. Eva (Megan Hill) can’t seem to define it either–perhaps it’s because the men around her have subjugated her to nothing more than an object.