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Senso Unico’s Delicious Italian Fare is a Great Reason to Head to Sunnyside

Senso Unico
Credit: Senso Unico

I’ll admit it: I’m a stubborn Manhattanite. This means that I don’t really enjoy going to other boroughs for anything… especially in the dead of winter. It takes a lot for me to really travel outside my humble abode, and if one thing can do it for me, it’s food. So color me happy when I headed to Sunnyside, Queens over the weekend to experience just how wonderfully delicious Senso Unico really is.

Nai Tapas Finds a New Home in the East Village

Nai Tapas
Credit: Nai Tapas

Nai Tapas is in a new, East Village location at 2nd Avenue and 5th Street and it already feels like home. This week, I was lucky to taste a selection of Chef Ruben Rodriguez’s Galician rooted small plates accompanied by a flight of Spanish wines. Inspired by his own nai (mother) Rodriquez’s creations bring out the very best of each element used to construct these works of art.

Rescue Spa: Rejuvenation and Relaxation All in One Place


Yes Valentines Day is literally around the corner and it no longer has to be centered around couples. This holiday should also signalize the love that one has for themselves. And what better way than treating yourself to a day of rejuvenation. Between keeping up with what is going on in the world to maintaining a lively work-life balance, things can get hectic sometimes. I can guarantee Rescue Spa has all the kinks to avail us from those everyday woes.

Yum: Where to Go for National Pizza Day This Saturday!

National Pizza Day
Credit: Old Rose

All the pizza lovers out there need to get super excited as this Saturday, February 9, marks a very special occasion for all of us. It’s National Pizza Day!

Your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide to Manhattan is Here!

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is only one week away! Looking for a place to take that special loved one in your life for something they will never forget? We got you covered.

Delicious Food Meets Amazing Technology At Intersect by Lexus

Intersect By Lexus
Credit: LaForce

Who knew food and technology could blend so well together? That’s exactly what me and my friend were treated to when we stopped by the chic and incredible Intersect by Lexus in the West Village.

Killbar: The Cinematic Nightlife You’ve Been Secretly Craving!

Credit: Eugene Gologursky Photography

Say what you will about filmmaker Quentin Tarantino (be it that you find him plagiaristic, self-indulgent, or simply a one-trick pony), it’s still rather difficult to not admire how his style effortlessly meshes fanboy shlock with cinematic academia. He really did invent a new way for indie genre films to be hip and possess a slight but unmistakable arthouse edge, and it’s no wonder that his aesthetic has remained so popular. For that reason, Killbar, a Tarantino-themed bar opening up in Williamsburg this weekend, feels like something that should have happened a while ago now.

Touchdown! Where to Go for Super Bowl 53 This Weekend

Super Bowl
Credit: Melissa Hom

Manhattan will be abuzz this weekend with people rooting for either The New England Patriots or The Los Angeles Rams as the two teams will go head to head during Super Bowl 53 on Sunday, February 3. What NYC hotspots will be the best of the best when it comes to experiencing all you can during one of the biggest sports events of the year?

Broken Box Mime Theater’s ‘Skin’ is Fresh and Fun

Broken Box Mime Theater'
Credit: Bjorn Bolinder

There are many varieties of entertainment without the benefit of verbal expression; art, orchestral music, dance, puppetry are just some examples where the audience must rely solely on visual and aural input to determine meaning. The same is true of mime and pantomime (using the terms interchangeably although there are scholarly distinctions which really aren’t worth introducing here).

Woodbury Common: Where You Fabulously Shop Til You Drop

Woodbury Common
Credit: Focus Media USA

Manhattan is one of the greatest places in the world for everything fashion… however much of what you seek comes at a pretty hefty price tag. This is the time of year where locals are trying to get away from it all while still looking fantastic in the process. Woodbury Common, which is a short drive/train ride away from our humble abode, is able to provide you with a unique getaway that includes all your favorite designers and name brands at a much cheaper cost (but still retaining its fabulosity in the process).