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Migguel Anggelo and David Drake’s Unconventional Mass

Migguel Anggelo (L) and David Drake (R). Photo by Mau Quiros

Migguel Anggelo, the vigorous Venezuelan singer/songwriter/actor/activist is back with a new and completely unique show.  The popular cabaret artist returns to the stage this week, turning his attention to last year’s indescribably tragic, Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub.

Save the Children’s 5th Annual Illumination Gala Recap!

Save the Children
Credit: Save the Children/Getty

The American Museum of Natural History played host to the 5th annual Save the Children’s Illumination Gala.  The event honors notable people who are passionate advocates for disadvantaged children.  The gala was star-studded, as A-listers including Jennifer Garner, Leona Lewis, Ryan Tedder, Olivia Wilde and Dakota Fanning were there to show their support while lending a couple of surprise moments during the evening.

Mandolino Ristorante Transports You to Naples via The East Village

Mandolino Ristorante
Credit: Mandolino Ristorante

If you are looking for one of the best new Italian restaurants in Manhattan, then look no further than Mandolino Ristorante.  One of the new hotspots right outside the Union Square station in the East Village, this spot will literally transport you out of Manhattan and into the city of Naples with its look and authentic taste of what true Italian cuisine should be.

Score Free French Fries From Sir Kensington’s Today!

Credit: Sir Kensington's.

Who doesn’t love a world where you can get FREE FRENCH FRIES just for showing up and supporting a good cause?  That is exactly what is going down today outside Whole Foods Market in Tribeca, where Sir Kensington’s is hosting a huge French Fry competition for the public (and you) to see!

Charlie Palmer Steak: The Comfort Food Restaurant for Fall

Charlie Palmer Steak
Photo by Maggie Marguerite Studio

Much like annoying relatives and everyone on The View, summer overstayed its welcome this year. Until recently, most of us were still wearing shorts and flip-flops, sipping iced coffee, and choosing sushi or salad over heavier fare.

One on One With Rising Dance-Pop Sensation Ali B!

Ali B
Credit: Rick Eberle Agency

Singer-songwriter Ali B has been making quite the name for herself so far in 2017.  She released her first single “Kiss Me Goodbye” earlier this year to much fanfare and praise, and has just released her newest song “Strangers in Love”.  The New York City native is taking her classic NYC hustle to the music industry, which she hopes to break into and become the next big thing.

Takeo Spikes Hosts “Behind the Mask” Book Tour Tonight at The DL

Takeo Spikes
Credit: The DL

Lower East Side hotspot The DL will be hosting NFL star Takeo Spikes and many other sports-related individuals tonight to celebrate his book tour for Behind the Mask.  

Mama Juke: Debuting With a Live Record

Mama Juke
Credit: https://mamajuke.bandcamp.com/

This Friday will see both the official release of Mama Juke’s album Live from Unit-J, as well as an album release show at Rockwood Music Hall. When asked as to why the band had chosen to make their debut album a live-in-concert LP, founding member Amos Rose explained it as such: “We wanted to broadcast this album into outer space to let life on other planets know that there’s life on Earth, and it’s at Unit-J.”

Come Celebrate Cider Week at High Street on Hudson!

Cider Week
Credit: Chaucee Stillman

Cider Week is right around the corner here in Manhattan, starting on October 20th through the 29th.  So many different restaurants will be putting their best “cider” foot forward, and offering a variety of cider options to pair with their delicious food.  One stop that should be on your radar is High Street on Hudson, who are planning on some fantastic duo’s of tasty menu and cider options.

Theater Review: “The Siege” Brings Palestinian View to NYU

Photo courtesy of The Freedom Theatre.

“The opposite of war isn’t peace—it’s creation.” Playwright and composer Jonathan Larson immortalized the quote in his rock-opera masterpiece, Rent. Although he was referencing Bohemian New Yorkers, the sentiment has reached universal appeal.