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4 Tips To Achieving the Perfect Balance Between Your Work and Your Life

Credit: iStockPhoto

Are you trying to get some decent dollar, get up the career ladder, keep on top of your Instagram game, traveling, check in with your grandparents and still have a love life? Hold up! For a young professional, life can be full and you may feel pulled in just about every direction so much so that you feel you are close to burning out.

Vago Celebrates Their First Anniversary in Style (And Food)

Credit: Vago

The other night marked Vago’s first anniversary of being opened, and they celebrated with a big bash that included some great food, drink & more.

John Dewar and Sons Whiskey Emporium – Spicing Up Greenpoint

John Dewar

Those that attended this past Sunday’s Taste Williamsburg Greenpoint were certain to have had a satisfying experience. The warm weather, eclectic group of vendors, and generally welcoming atmosphere maybe for a enjoyable afternoon in the last throes of summer. In fact, one of the day’s most alluring stands came from John Dewar and Sons Traveling Whisky Emporium, which was conveniently placed right in the middle of the festival grounds. Those that went to this particular attraction were likely to leave with a spring in their step, and a little inkling of history in their thoughts.

Theater Review: Kinsey Sicks “Things You Shouldn’t Say” Showers Soho with Sass

Photo courtesy of DKC/O&M

At first glance, the Kinsey Sicks appear to offer a typical, run-of-the-mill drag show. All of the expected elements are in place:  mascara, beautiful dresses, high heels, perfectly quaffed, aquanet hair, eyelashes for miles, and—above all—witty quips and banter.

Theater Review: “Loveless, Texas” is Light and Lovable Fun


Henry Aronson doesn’t yet have the same theatrical name recognition as composers Jason Robert Brown, Stephen Sondheim, or Tom Kitt. “Yet” is the operative word here since Aronson’s wholly original score for a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost is a much needed and welcome addition to the contemporary musical theater genre.

Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers: Why This Jazz Band Finds Brooklyn Home

Sweet Megg

On first sight, Megg Farrell (frontwoman of the aptly titled Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers) may not appear to be a jazz singer. With her nose ring, considerable height, and youthful demeanor, she looks like she could just as easily be a member of a Bikini Kill cover band, rather than a purveyor of a more “old-timey” sound. Upon hearing Megg sing, however, one becomes easily swept into her aesthetics of banjos and rag-time, as frankly she has pipes like Billie Holiday.

Todd Goldman “Never Grows Up”: Boys r Still Stupid, Still Throw Rocks at Them

Todd Goldman
Credit: The Ross Art Group

When I was ten years old, I had a t-shirt with a stick figure drawing of a boy on it—the boy was running from circles with squiggly lines behind them, and the caption read, “Boys r stupid, throw rocks at them.” Seventeen years later, I faced a painting featuring the same stick figure, same caption at the Ross Art Group, a Midtown Manhattan gallery.

Fergie Launches Visual Experience Album at iPic Theaters!

Credit: Tuck Hospitality

How can you not love Fergie, seriously?  She has given us so many amazing hit singles over the past 15 years, both solo and with The Black Eyed Peas, that you gotta have a least one that you jam to time and time again.  Now, she is closing out 2017 in a big way, and wants you to be apart of it!  For the first time ever, Fergie will be launching her next highly anticipated Double Duchess Visual Experience album exclusively at all of the iPic Theaters and Tuck Hospitality locations nationwide.

Here’s Where You Should go to Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day!

National Cheeseburger Day
Credit: Egg Shop

Today, September 18th, marks National Cheeseburger Day, and we have found two spots that will be giving you some cheesy and mouthwatering deliciousness all day long!  Get your bib game ready, order up some fries and coleslaw on the side (no coleslaw haters on this page please) and head to one of these locations to experience the best of the best in all things cheeseburgers.

The Skylark’s Views & Ambiance Light Up Midtown West

Credit: KevMalone Instagram

Cocktail lounges in Manhattan run the muck, with many of them having a dark presence with nothing really that outstanding to look at.  The Skylark is the exact opposite of that premise, as the location whisks you off to its 30th floor where you will see spectacular views of Manhattan with some tasty bites and unique drinks to make your experience truly one of a kind.