Now that we are solidifying our resume and obtaining a thirst for a job search, we are ready to start reaching out to those around us and networking with them because every little bit of information that those in our network contain will continue adding up and go a long way for job searches and/or career advancement.

When all else fails in the land of unemployment or career miserableness, I highly recommend looking into that network of yours. Friends, colleagues or acquaintances may have seen us at our best and our worst, but they usually know us better than anyone. We need to start utilizing this power.

Chris, what network are you talking about? I don’t know anyone in Career Services at NYU? Well, friend, it is not the end of the world because thanks to the Internet we have the world at our finger tips. (yawn).

networking with and without social media

Networking is not about what you know; or what they know but it’s about WHO you know. Yeah, I know we have been hearing this a myriad of times before but let’s take a moment to begin thinking about it like this:

A) Do you still talk to your friends who you grew up with?
B) Did you hold a job in high school or college or university?
C) Did you do any extracurricular activities including sport; music; knitting; etc?
D) Where does your immediate and extended family work?

The list can go on and on but those are just some starting points for Networking.

The simple yet more challenging rule of networking is that networking is not using and abusing relationships or stalking friends via Social Media.  Additionally, we must also not become lazy because know we have the resources for successful networking at hand. Nothing good ever came out of being lazy.

Despite what we may believe, we have all been accomplishing many things in our lives that have been exposing us to a large subset of individuals. Some of those folks can help us; guide us; or at least point us in the right direction. That is networking, friends.

Ingredients for Successful Networking:

  • 1 computer or laptop or cell phone device with Internet access
  • 1 Wifi internet connection
  • Fully finished Linkedin Profile (SOCIAL Media aspect)
  • Local paper or business section (In-person aspect)
  • HOURS upon HOURS of time
  • 1/2 cup mentality
  • 1/2 cup of MOTIVATION
  • 1/2 cup of communication skills
  • 1/2 cup of patience

No, there is not a perfect recipe for networking but there are many ways to get out there and make something happen. In regards to making something happen, you’ll notice how I been including both in-person networking AND Social Media Networking. We mustn’t forget that both exist and that BOTH help a person land their next gig, not one or the other. Yes, there are instances of a person obtaining a position through Twitter. While this is a great venue for job applications, it is not always the best venue for networking.

You can find additional information on online AND offline networking groups via these websites:

  • Linkedin Groups
  • MeetUP
  • Company websites
  • Local newspapers

Even if your networking involves a simple follow-up e-mail or voicemail message, it can be the small pebble that may just destroy that career Dam. Do not bombard a friend or employer with e-mails or phone calls because the last thing that any of us need is to be inundated with MORE e-mail, so Patience is our best friend.

Whether we like it or not, by enabling and accepting the very virtue of Patience will make networking that much more attainable.

Networking 101
Networking 101