Heyyy ya’ll!

I know you usually come to me for the who’s dating who in the celebrity world but today I want to take some time & just express my love for Boston!  I know that it may be difficult for so many of  you to believe in humanity after all that has been happening recently but please try to remember that good always wins, always.  They will find those responsible, you have to believe & trust that.  Just keep everyone in your hearts & send kind thought their way in this time of need.  Keep your head held high & know… This won’t stop that city, nothing can stop that city.

Boston Logo
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While touching on recent events, it’s only appropriate to also mention the devastating explosion that took place in the early hours of today, in West, Texas. A fertilizer plant exploded, killing as many as 15 people & injuring more than 160 others plus destroying at least 75 houses & multiple businesses.  In such a small town, this will certainly hit most, if not all the people of West in some shape or form.  Coming from a small town myself, I also know that the community will pull together & have each others backs & they will be better & stronger because that’s what communities do, they pull together.

West Texas
Credit: abcnews.go.com