NBC’s primetime schedule for next year featured a ton of shuffling, as every surviving series except for flagship The Voice and Friday night mainstay Grimm ended up at new timeslots.

Amongst the moves, we see:

The Thursday night lineup maintains its 2 hours of comedy to 1 hour of drama ratio, however the block seems to be considerably less focused on workplace comedies. Parks and Recreation now bats leadoff instead of its 9:30pm slot for this year while 10pm becomes the new home of fifth-season network darling Parenthood.

Chicago Fire gains a Voice lead in slot (Tuesdays at 10pm), while Revolution loses its’ moving to Wednesdays at 8pm.

Speaking of The Voice, its’ one hour Tuesday episode will switch spots with The Biggest Loser, occupying the 9pm hour.

NBC seems to be taking a page from Fox’s book, creating a fantasy oriented night on Fridays, with Grimm and Dracula back-to-back. If Hannibal gets a second season, I would not be surprised to see it parked into this lineup.

Finally, in the late night front, it’s been confirmed that Seth Meyers will be taking Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night chair when the latter becomes host of the tonight show in 2014.

Fox on the other hand, while ordering a large number of new shows seems to have stuck fairly well to it’s guns with no real changes to its’ core schedule of Sunday Cartoons, Monday Drama, Tuesday Comedy and Wednesday/Thursday Idol.

The big news coming from the Fox camp however is the return of hit drama series 24, which ran for nine seasons from 2001-2010. I think such a move is an overreaction as Fox desperately tries to cling to its’ stronger years, where it built its entire lineup around The Simpsons, Family Guy, Idol and 24.