Photo: Dmitry Gudkov/#BikeNYC
Photo: Dmitry Gudkov/#BikeNYC

If you haven’t noticed, the city has been taken over by Citibike users.  Monday was the launch day for the Citibike program and this week is technically a preview week for annual membership holders. The Citibike blog has posted some stats on usage, popular stations, and trip details.

Trips since launch: 12907

Avg Duration (current day): 14.22 minutes
Miles traveled since launch: 32,265 miles

Most popular starting stations
8 Avenue and W 31 Street: 50
E 17 Street and Broadway: 48
Christopher & Greenwich St: 39

Most popular ending stations
E 17 Street and Broadway: 52
Pershing Square N: 41
Pershing Square S: 40

Annual Members: 19389 total Annual Members

As of 5 PM today Citibike has 19,389 annual members! That’s pretty fantastic yet slightly scary at the same time—fantastic because it’s great seeing a positive embrace to alternative transportation and scary because drivers and pedestrians are going to face a sea of blue bikes every day!

Check out the Citibike website for maps with bike station locations and availability.  There’s also an app which you can download onto your mobile device to check out available bikes and docking stations in your area or around the city. As stated in my last post, Citibike is currently only available in Manhattan below 59th Street and the downtown Brooklyn area (aka grown up Brooklyn).  There are plans for expansion to all of Manhattan and the boroughs in the future. If you’d like to sign up for a Citibike annual membership, use your Citibank debit or credit card for a $15 discount.