“My name is Matthew Cordle and on June 22nd, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani” – This is how Matthew introduces himself in his YouTube video that start outs with his face and voice obscured.  Matthew goes on to tell the story of how he decided to drink and drive, the details of the accident that led to the death of Mr. Canzani back in June of 2013.    It’s a strange story that could only happen in today’s Internet age.   This 22 year old man came online with a video to share his regrets about the incident and to implicate himself as the killer.  Media reports show that the prosecutors office has already picked up the video as evidence and will be charging Matthew with the crime.

What an extremely sad story.  It’s sad that a man only 22 years of age was selfish and decided to drink and drive, now he will be locked up at a great cost to himself, his family, and society.  It’s even sadder that a poor innocent man lost his life in a needless accident.