A few months ago I completed a 9.5 hour relocating adventure to my new city all for a fantastic new position. While I am uprooting myself now for the third time in three years, I think I have finally made the right choice:  one based upon a job of a lifetime. 

Yes, I left behind a life I created for the past two years including amazing friendships; relationships; sports teams and most of all my heart. But sometimes life happens for a reason. Not everyone will receive such opportunities in their life however by keeping an open perspective when it comes to geography it could lead you to somewhere new and exciting.

Before just jumping into a relocating situation consider a few things along the way:

1) Analyze the surroundings. Utilize my favorite new city comparison website (http://versus.com). A place you can compare cities across the globe. Check it out, it will surprise you. I may have an extremely optimistic perspective on life but making sure we are aware of what is happening around is pivotal when jumping ship for new opportunity and life adventure.

  • Geographic location Determine where you would like to live the most, yes, this includes the climate.
  • Social Life Consider the social life. No, not necessarily knowing a person in the city you are going to but knowing how the city operates when it comes to social circles. Even if we are in our late 20’s or 30’s or 40’s a social life will assist us in making a smooth transition.
  • Affordability Can you make it by on a day-to-day basis without an exorbitant amount of money coming through? Compare electricity/rental costs or even groceries, you’d be surprised.

2) Go full force with the job search/interview process. Land a job before you leave. It will save you the hassle when you arrive. Typically a person will advise not to move without a job and as a person who has moved quite a bit I would agree here but only to an extent. If you have an opportunity to move and can get by with a day job for a while (i.e. tutoring, serving tables, bagging groceries) by all means, go for it.

  • Save some money
  • Network without turning into that guy who constantly bugs people about not having a job
  • Stay positive!
  • Take classes to further your education. Coding is our generation’s new literacy. Knowing how to code is key to helping you land a successful job.

3) Don’t stop. Once you let up, you will start becoming lazier and lazier. Do not let that overcome you. I am not saying do not take any breaks but be cognizant that your work ethic will pay off in the long run.

And I leave you with Journey.


Best of luck and please share your relocating and career success stories!



Chicago, IL “The Bean” Millennium Park