Kelvin Taylor

Long before Kelvin Taylor became the porn star, Felony, he was just a regular guy with dreams of becoming a police officer. He stared his high school days in the Bronx at Evander High, at the most dangerous school in the most dangerous borough, where a student was murdered and then buried in the schoolyard, only to be found a decade later. Then he moved on to Columbus High, bullying gays to hide his own homosexuality. From high school high to crash courses on becoming a police officer, he entered the brown bag, bottom-shelf life of the porn industry.

A dream deferred began a brief affair with porn at the tender age of 21, after just one homosexual tryst. He appeared opposite of 20 year veteran Slim Thug, 36. Due to size requirements that Kelvin couldn’t meet, commanding less than 10 inches—he found himself on the bottom. Sometimes you have to let someone go through the back door to get closer to your dreams. After that scene, he earned the name Felony after the underwear he wore coupled with the police scene involving a stop and frisk session. “I was nervous at first and it hurt, but the pain eventually turned to pleasure” he said, turning him into a pro overnight.

Apparently it was so good that night with Slim Thug, it turned into a three year courtship. They agreed, that both of them would be transparent whenever shooting scenes. They also had to use condoms. Unfortunately, Slim Thug was allegedly sleeping around all over the city that never sleeps with or without condoms, unbeknownst to Kelvin. Their lives in porn, inevitably put a strain on the relationship. “I wished I hadn’t done porn and just become a cop,” he said. At six feet tall, he would look amazing in the uniform.

Two years and nearly 25 movies later, he decided which movies to do. “I got tired of being a bottom and it wasn’t happy in that role.” He said. Kelvin was featured bottoms up everywhere from Breed it Raw to Dawgpound USA.

After his porn days waned, he started his nights escorting.  “People who escort give us a bad name,” he said. “It wasn’t just sex; It was more like nude massages with happy endings.” Apparently, it was more like nude jerk-off sessions masquerading as massages. Each happy-meal cost $200. He gained clients through an ad placed on Adam4adam, the popular sex site.

When it comes to sex off screen he’s a bonafide top. “I like to be the man in the relationship,” he said, “but I can be flexible and be a bottom for my man sometimes.” When approaching relationships, Kelvin looks for someone, who embodies both masculine and effeminate qualities. He also likes supportive and motivating men.

Life outside of porn has him exactly where he wants to be in a relationship, “I am a relationship oriented person,” he said. “I spent more time in a relationship than being single.” Kelvin is four months into his current monogamous relationship with his live-in boyfriend, a school teacher and friend of three years. They’re in love.

He spends his days dreaming—hoping to someday work for a company like Sony or Microsoft, developing new video games, and building new technologies like the projectile t.v. or the next Playstation. He will be enrolling back in college next year to pursue his goals.

You can catch Kelvin, dancing in clubs all over the city anywhere from Secrets to El Morocco. He enjoys the combination of hanging out in the clubs and drinking while working. “It’s not always about the money,” he said. “If it’s a slow night… I just put on my clothes on and have a drink and hang out.”