Photo courtesy of Richard Termine
Photo courtesy of Richard Termine

Shady business is rearing its’ ugly head at the impeccably impressive law offices of Messers. Walker, Windemere, and Co.  It turns out that their boy wonder, Mr. Brewer (Stephen Plunkett) , has taken a liking to the ladies-too much in fact. The object of his affection happens to be his sweet-tempered employee, Pat Milligan (Elise Kibler), who is hesitant to accept his advances, but ultimately feels trapped. Meanwhile, the tough talkin’ “I’ve been around the block and can see through this guy like cellophane” Miss Janus (Julia Coffey) is protective of her fellow secretarial colleague. Janus has a friend in mind for Milligan, Mr. Hammond (Christopher Sears).  Hammond is much more age appropriate and not nearly as lecherous. But my oh my…is he ever shy.  Will he work up the courage to court Miss Milligan?

Such issues were at stake in the 1930s in  the Mint Theater’s charming revival of John Van Druten’s London Wall.  While a Broadway production never materialized, this law firm did open its’ practice across the pond. It opened in the West End  in May 1931, where it ran for 170 performances. Mint Theater is known for finding lesser known classic works and giving them a touch-up.  Happily, they have done a marvelous job here with capturing the essence of the period.

The first act plays out much like a more formal version of 9 to 5, but it does not move at a terribly  fast clip. Yet under Davis McCallum’s  hand, the dialogue is as frothy and light as it can be. In act two, justice does prevail and the proverbial “dog has his day.”  Along the way, there are some lighter subplots which all make for an enjoyable night at the theater.

London Wall plays  through April 13 at the Mint Theater, 311 West 43rd Street between 8th and 9th avenues. For tickets, call:  1-866-811-4111 or  visit